Alliterations of Van Borculo

This page only begins to illustrate how many legitimate phonetic variations there are of "Van Borculo", because this list identifies just the different spellings found during research. Beware, there are numerous legitimate phonetic variations not included here. If you're not yet attuned to the particular spelling tendencies, you may at least need to be aware of variations similar to these which will demand your consideration and further investigation. The size of this list should be scary enough for anyone.

Besides legitimate phonetic variations, researchers have had to endure the problem of spelling aberrations, such as "Burgiloe", and misspellings, such as "Bartow", or "Barlow", which are actual surnames with unrelated ethnic origins. Whereas census takers may misspell a name badly, there is also the problem of missreading a surname from the census, by people compiling indexes(as WPA workers in 1930's), not to forget those who, while performing tedious typing work, have unintentionally produced even more "creative" variations for us to decipher.

Van Borculo Spelling Variations (found during research)

Variation Variation Variation Variation Variation Variation
Baraclo Barculoo Barrickalow Berkolo Burculo Van Borckelloo
Baraclow Barculow Barricklo* Berkolow Burculoe Van Borckelo
Baracolow Baricalo Barrickloo Birkalow Burculoo Van Borckeloo
Barcakelow Baricklo Barricklow** Birkelo Burculow Van Borckloo
Barcaklow Baricklow Barriclo* Birkilow Burkallow Van Borculo
Barcakolow Bariclo Barricloe Borcalo Burkalo Van Borkelo
Barcalew Bariclow Barriclow Borcaloo Burkaloe Van Borkeloo
Barcalo Bariklow Barriklo Borckelloo Burkaloo Vanborkulo
Barcaloe Barkallow Barrikloe Borckelo Burkalow* Van Borkulo
Barcaloo Barkalo Barriklow Borckeloo Burkello Van Borkuloo
Barcalow* Barkaloe Barrkalo Borcklo Burkellow Vanburkalo
Barceloe-1 Barkaloo* Barrkelow Borckloo Burkelo Vanburkaloe
Barckalo Barkalow** Bartalo Borclo Burkeloe Vanburkaloo
Barckaloe Barkalew Bartaloe Borculo-2 Burkeloo Van Burcalow*
Barckalow Barkelloo Bartalow Borkello Burkelow* Vanburcalow
Barckelo Barkelo Bartelow Borkelloo Burkilo Vanburcloo
Barckeloe Barkeloo* Bartlelow Borkelo Burkiloe Vanburcolo
Barckeloo Barkelow* Bartlo Borkeloo Burkilow Vanburculo
Barckelow Barkerlow Bartloe Borkloo Burkleo* Vanburkalo
Barckilo Barkilo Bartlow** Borkolo Burklo-4 Van Burkalo
Barckilow Barkilow Bartlowe Borkulo Burkloe Vanburkaloe
Barcklo Barklelow Bartolow Borkuloo Burkloo Vanburkaloo
Barckloe Barkloe Barucklo Buckaloo-3 Burklou Van Burkalow
Barckloo Barkloo Baruclo Buckalow-3 Burklow** Van Burkeleo
Barcklow* Barklow* Bercalo Bucklow-3 Van Barckelo Vanburkeleo
Barckulo Barkolo Bercalow Burcalo Van Barkalo Vanburkelloo
Barclo Barkoloo Bercklo Burcaloe Van Barkelo* Van Burkelo
Barcloe Barkolow Berckloo Burcaloo Van Barkeloo Van Burkelow*
Barcloo Barkolue Berclow Burcalow Van Barkulo Vanburkilo
Barclow* Barkulo* Berkallow Burckalo Van Barkuloo Van Burkilow
Barcolew Barkuloo** Berkalo Burckalowe Vanberckelloo Vanburkilow
Barcolo Barkulow Berkalow Burcklo Vanberckeloo Van Burkleleo
Barcoloe Barqulow Berkelo Burclo Van Berkelo Van Burkleo*
Barcoloo Barracklo Berkelow Burcloe Vanbirkalo Vanburkleo*
Barcolow Barraclo Berklo Burcloo Vanbirkalow Vanburkloe
Barculo Barraklow Berkloo Burclow Vanbirkilow Van Burklow*
Barculoe Barrakalow Berklow Burcolo Vanbirklo Vanburklow*

1. Barceloe was an unusual occurrence, because it is a variation of the French line Barsaloux, often spelled Barcelo.

2. Generally acknowledged spelling of the Dutch town which is the surname origin of more than 25 Van Borculo lines in the U.S. today. Also spelled Borckeloo on some 17th century maps.

3. Also an unusual instance. The Buckelew line is not related.

4. The Mercer Co.,Ohio Burklo/Burkloh line is not related.

* the 25 most common spelling variations found during research.

** the five major alliterative groups, as determined by: 1) total living surname bearers in the 1900 U.S. census; 2) origins traceable to one specific county, state or region; and 3) origins traceable to a specific descendant of either Willem or Harmen Jansen Lubberdinck van Borculo.

Aberrations of Van Borculo

Distortions which, in specific instances only, proved to be a Van Borculo line.

Aberration Aberration Aberration Aberration Aberration Aberration
Baccalo Barhelon Barkleyho Bartoe Buccoloe Burcalse
Backly Barhlon Barklilow Bartron Buckalew Burhelon
Bakelow Barkaklow Barklor Bartor Buckalo Burhlon
Bankalo Barkalom Barloe Bartrow Buckerlaw Burialow
Bantaloe Barkaloms Barlor Bartton Bucklaw Burklor
Baralo Barkalon Barniclow Batelow Bucklelo Burtlo
Barcala Barkellon Barouclo Batlow Buckleo Burtlow
Barcale Barkelom Barratlow Battlow Buckley Butler
Barclaw Barkelon Barrecelo Battoe Buralow Van Barclose
Barelelow Barklaw Barrickeow Berclaw Burcale Van Buckles
Barelow Barkler Barthlow Bockeloe Burcales Van Bucklow
Barfelo Barkley Bartlows Borlor Burcals Vanburgiloe

NOTE- Bantaloe, Barniclow, and Barthlow/Bartholow are actual surname lines whose immigrant ancestors appear to have settled in Maryland before 1800. These lone occurrences involved someone's judgment errors in interpreting colonial handwriting. Buckalew and Buckelew also have New Jersey origins in the mid-1700's and have created some problems with cross-over spellings similar to some of our variations, like Barkalew. But, they are not related and Barkalew and Barkelew surnames have not been traceable to Van Borculo lines. Obviously, Barkley, Barlow, Bartow, Bartron, Buckley and Butler are familiar surnames, mostly English in origin, and are, of course, unrelated.

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