Barkalows in the Military

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the military record, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

This military data is extracted from several sources and then compared with other data to help determine identification, including age where it was not recorded at the time of enlistment. In some cases, a soldier's service only came to light when he filed on his own behalf, or when a widow, father, or dependent applied for a pension on behalf of their deceased spouse, son or relative. It is not intended to emulate any particular online or published listings.

Some abbreviations used- "NG=not given"; "AFP=applied for pension"

Lastname Firstname Rank Co. Reg. ST County War Service YOB Comment
Barkalow Arthur Priv. NG NG NJ Monmouth Rev. no dates 1740 Capt. Robt Rhea's Co.
Barkelow Cornelius Unk. NG NG NJ Monmouth Rev. 1781 1717 Meritorious service-as grand juror
Barcalow John Unk. NG 1st NJ Monmouth Rev. no dates 1751 Monmouth Militia
Barklow Stephen Pvt. NG NG NJ Monmouth Rev. no dates 1748 Battle of Monmouth Courthouse
Barcalow Cornelius Sgt. NG NG NJ Monmouth Rev. 5/1777-9/1780 1755 S45230. Capt.John Burrow's Co.;Col.David Forman's & Spencer's Regt.,Cont.Troops.Battles of Germantown & Monmouth
Barcalow Daniel Pvt. NG 3rd NJ Monmouth 1812 8/17/1812-9/25/1812 1783 Capt.John Frazee's Co.;NJ Detailed Militia
Barcalow Cornelius Pvt. NG 3rd NJ Monmouth 1812 no dates 1774 Capt.John Frazee's Co.,under Maj.Isaac Andruss' Detachment;NJ Detailed Militia
Barkelow Peter Pvt. NG 3rd NJ Monmouth 1812 9/20/1814-12/9/1814 1793 Capt.Robt.Conover's Co.;NJ Detailed Militia
Barkalow Benjamin F. Cpl. G 2 IA Muscatine GAR 8/30/61-3/1/64 1840 Age-20. Capt.Wm.Lundy.Captured at Palo Alto.Wounded at Farmington,MS, 6/25/62. Pensioned.
Barkalow Munson B. Pvt. G 35 IA Muscatine GAR 8/15/62- 1837 Age-26.Laurana Plumly,wid.,AFP-1/26/22
Barkalow William H. Pvt. C 6 IN Bartholomew GAR 9/20/61- 1843 Invalid.AFP-9/21/68. Wid.,Lydia.
Barkalow John S. Pvt. K 24 IN Bartholomew GAR no dates 1830 Also Co.D.,67th Regt.
Barkalow George D./W. Pvt. D 148 IN Bartholomew GAR 1865- 1847 Regt.48 or 148. Invalid.AFP-1/27/91. Wid.Caroline,AFP-2/27/20
Barcalow Cornelius M. Cpl. E 29 NJ Monmouth GAR 9/3/62- 1839 Age-23.Invalid.AFP-12/11/97. Wid.Deborah,AFP-6/6/98
Barkalow Cornelius S. Capt. I 14 NJ Monmouth GAR 7/31/62-4/2/65 1842 Age-20.Re-enlisted,4/2/65. Meritorious service, Petersburg,VA. Was Orderly Co.A,14th in'62.
Barkalow Matthias A. Pvt. NG NG NJ Monmouth GAR 9/20/62-6/30/63 1842
Barkalow Matthias J. Pvt. E 29 NJ Monmouth GAR 9/3/62- 1832 Age-26.Invalid.AFP-10/4/79
Barkalow Garret W. Pvt. C/E 29 NJ Monmouth GAR 9/3/62- 1842 Invalid.AFP-6/7/90; Wid.Rebecca,AFP-4/10/07
Barcklow John H. Cpl. I 12 NJ Salem GAR 8/12/62- 1843 Age-19.Res-Woolston,Salem Co. d.7/16/64,Newark,NJ. Under Capt Chew
Barcalow John L. Pvt. A 28 NJ Burlington GAR 1864-1865 1847 Invalid,AFP-7/1/92.Wid.Hannah H.,AFP-3/27/09
Barcalow John L. Sgt. A 28 NJ Monmouth GAR 8/26/62- c1835
Barcalow John S. Cpl. K 30 NJ Somerset GAR 9/1/62- 1842
Barcalow William H. Pvt. NG NG NJ Somerset GAR 9/1/62- 1840 Musician.
Barcalow Jay Pvt. E 4 NY Fulton GAR 12/28/63- 1835 Age-28.Invalid.AFP-6/30/80. Enl. at Northampton,NY.
Barkelow William Pvt. H 141 NY Steuben GAR 8/21/62- 1823 Age-39. Enlisted at Canisteo,NY. Also 5 Co.,2nd Batt.,Vet. res. Corps.
Barkalow Arthur B. Cpl. B 146 OH Warren GAR 5/2/64-9/7/1864 1835 Age-29. d.3/10/76,Franklin,OH. Wid.,Martha,AFP-
Barkalow Arthur D. Pvt. K 35 OH Warren GAR 9/12/61-2/7/66 1845 Age-17. Invalid.Army of Cumberland, Gen. Thomas; Re-enl. 9/64,Co.K.,1st,Gen. Hancock's Corps.
Barkalow Benjamin Pvt. H 2 OH Warren GAR 9/1/61- 1828 Age-33.
Barkalow Benjamin B. Pvt. F 1 OH Warren GAR 4/17/61- 1821 Age-39.
Barkalow James D. Pvt. E 140 OH Shelby GAR 5/2/64- 1824 Age-40.
Barkalow James K. Pvt. B 146 OH Warren GAR 5/2/64- 1846 Age-18. Re-enlisted-8/2/64 & 2/14/65. Invalid. AFP-7/11/89.
Barklow James S./J. Pvt. A 186 OH Scioto GAR no dates 1840 Also Co.A,195th.
Barkalow John C. Pvt. E 4 OH Butler GAR 5/2/64- 1832 Age-32.Also Co.E.,146th.
Barkalow John Pvt. NG NG OH Warren GAR 3/21/65- 1847 Age-18.
Barkalow John H. Pvt. E 146 OH Warren GAR 5/2/64-9/7/64 1846 Age-18. Mary E.Gwaltney,wid.,AFP-4/3/24
Barkalow William U/V. Pvt. B 4 OH Warren GAR 1864-1865 1846 Invalid.AFP-5/11/88.Wid.,Harriet.
Barkalow Derrick Z./L. Pvt. B 75 OH Butler GAR 11/9/61- 1824 Age-36. res-Hamilton,OH. Mary,wid., AFP-4/18/64
Barkalow George Pvt. E 171 OH Lake GAR 4/27/64- 1844 Age-19. Invalid.AFP-4/25/06; Wid.,Jane,AFP-3/2/11
Barkalow George D. Pvt. F 60 OH Shelby GAR 11/15/61- 1839 Age-22. Invalid.AFP-5/11/91(KS.). Wid.Laura J.,AFP-10/5/14
Barkalow George D. Pvt. NG NG OH Butler GAR 5/2/64- 1841 Age-23.
Barkalow Gilbert Pvt. NG 8th OH Darke GAR 2/29/64- 1832 Age-31. Invalid.AFP-4/30/88. Wid.Jane M.,AFP-9/24/03
Barcklow Middleton Pvt. B 110 OH Butler GAR 6/9/63- 1843 Age-20. Invalid.AFP-2/21/70.Wid.Emma F.,AFP-3/25/31
Barkalow Zachariah Pvt. NG NG OH Warren GAR 2/26/64- 1831 Age-32.
Barcalow J. H. NG NG 74 IN Steuben GAR not listed 1844 Died or killed in service. Roll of Honor, Steuben Co., IN., Soldiers, 1861-65.
Barcalow Evan H. Pvt. K 3 PA Bucks GAR 1862- 1844 Invalid.AFP-3/7/07

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