Barkalow Orphan Lines

Orphan lines, by assigned definition here, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation such as bibles, church or probate records.

William F. Barkalow(1779-1863) of Franklin, Warren Co.,OH.


NOTE- WILLIAM F. BARKALOW has been an "Orphan Line" until recently. Sue Barkalow LeClaire of Fenton,MO., has graciously provided data from an old family bible printed in 1791, which appears to be have belonged to William F. Barkalow(1779-1863), and which began with the names and data of his parents, William Barkalow(1750-1822) and Margaret --?--(1743-1832). It identified all the children of William F. Barkalow and his wife, Rosannah (Marshall) Barkalow, gave their exact birthdates and places, and extended the listings to include grandchildren and the descendants who inherited and/or retained the bible over the years. So, in lieu of the change in this line no longer being incomplete, and/or lacking documentation, I've provided active links to their family sheets, as "known" ancestral lines of William Barkalow(1714-1866) of Upper Freehold Twp., Monmouth Co.,NJ. This latter connection had long been understood, but without probate records naming all those specifically descended of this line, it had the credibility profile sufficient to be called an Orphan Line" by way of its incompleteness.

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