Barkalow Orphan Lines

Orphan lines, by assigned definition here, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation such as bibles, church or probate records.

Willem Willemse Barkaloo(c1665-a1715) of Gravesend, Kings Co.,NY.


NOTE- Willem Willemse BARKALOW/BARKALOO, son of Willem Jans Lubberdick van Borculo(c1621-1683) and 1) Cornelia Van Salee(c1638-c1665) is an "Orphan Line" candidate because we can't be track his descendants. His ancestors we have.

1. Willem Willemse BARKLOO, is born, by best estimates of Mrs. John M. Spell, about 1665 in Gravesend, Kings Co.,NY, where his father, Willem Jans van Borculo resided.

2. Willem BARKELOO marries circa 1685, Anneke (Janneke) JURIANSE(b.c1665,Kings Co.,NY-d. after 1715, perhaps in Hempstead,Queens Co.,NY.).

3. Jurrie(Cathrine) BARKLOO, is baptised 20 Dec 1685, in the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush. Wit.: Dirk Jansen[i.e., Dirck Jasen Van Sutphen) and Lisbet Jansen[HSYB:1898:138]

4. Barbara BARKLOO, is baptised 9 Jan 1687, in the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush. Wit.: Dirck Jansen and Lisbet Jansen(ibid) [probably named for Barbara Prevoost, first wife of Jan Aucke Van Nuys]

5. In 1687, Willem Van Barkelo took the Oath of Allegiance in Flatlands, as "Willem Willemsz borclo, native". He was confused by Teunis Bergen(Early Settlers of Kings County,New York) with Willem Harmense Van Barkelo, an error which William J. Hoffman pointed in his article(Record.v77,p.33), and he did not marry Maria Cortelyou as stated by Hoppin(The Washington Ancestry,v.3,p.66), likewise pointed out by Hoffman.

6. Elsje(Elizabeth) BARKLOO, is baptised 9 Sep 1688, in the Reformed Dutch Church of Flatbush. Wit.: Dytelof Durje[Didlof Doorn] and Elsje Jurianse(ibid.:140)

7. Jan(John) BARKLOO, is baptised 4 May 1695, in the Reformed Dutch Church of Brooklyn. Wit.: Clae Tomussen Van Dyck and Marritje Andriessen(HSYB:1897:167)

8. Willem BARKALOO is apparently dead by the Kings County Census of 1705. He should not be confused with the William Barkeloo(1665-p1738), surveyor, of New Utrecht, who married 1697, Maria Cortelyou, and who is the son of Harmen Jans Lubberdinck van Borculo.


No one has successfully tracked Willem Willemsen Barkaloo beyond 1695. He doesn't appear as a witness to baptisms of known relatives, or in the 1705 Census of Brooklyn or Gravesend. If he died during this period, a probate document hasn't been found naming his wife and four known children.

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