Bartlows in the Military

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the military record, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

This military data is extracted from several sources and then compared with other data to help determine identification, including age where it was not recorded at the time of enlistment. In some cases, a soldier's service only came to light when he filed on his own behalf, or when a widow, father, or dependent applied for a pension on behalf of their deceased spouse, son or relative. It is not intended to emulate any particular online or published listings.

Some abbreviations used- "NG=not given"; "AFP=applied for pension"

Lastname Firstname Rank Co. Regt. ST County War Service YOB Comment
Barkelow James Pvt. NG 2nd NJ Hunterdon Rev. 1776-1780 1753 S22097.Flying Camp., Capt.Cornelius Johnson & Capt. Sherrard
Barkelow Hunterdon Pvt. NG 2nd NJ Hunterdon Rev. no dates c1732 Also in State Troops.This may be James,Jr.(1732-1796),can't be sure
Barkelow John Pvt. NG 2nd NJ Hunterdon Rev no dates c1756 Capt.Samuel Growendyck's Co.
Barkelow Cornelius Pvt. NG 2nd NJ Hunterdon Rev 1778-1780 1760 S23527.Capt.Cornelius Johnson's & Capt. Samuel Growendyck's Co.
Burkellow Isaac Sgt. NG 2nd OH Clermont 1812 no dates 1792 Under Lt.Col.Mills Stephenson. Despite the spelling,this is either Isaac Bartlow(1778-1850) or his nephew, Isaac Bartlow(1792-1866)
Barkelloo Edward Pvt. NG 2nd OH Scioto 1812 no dates 1783 Edward Barklow, Capt. Huston's Mounted Co., OH Mil. Also, Pvt., 2nd Regt., Ferguson's Co., OH Mil.
Barklow Francis Pvt. NG NG PA Union 1812 9/25/12-11/24/12 1786 Capt. John Donaldson Co.; Col. Snyder's Regt.
Bartlow Dewitt C. Pvt. NG NG IA Polk GAR 5/19/64- 1845 age-18.
Bartlow Jacob Pvt. NG NG IL NG GAR 8/31/61- 1843
Barklow William Pvt. A 146 IL Stephenson GAR 8/29/64-7/8/65 1846 Invalid.AFP-12/12/91.Wid.Emma,AFP-3/7/22(WI.)
Bartlow Cornelius V. Cpl. K 134 IN Hancock GAR 10/24/61-;5/24/64- 1843 also 36th Inf. & Co.H,147th Inf.; Invalid.AFP-8/29/63. Wid.,Julia,AFP-12/23/??
Bartlow Oliver H./W. Pvt. A 57 IN Hancock GAR 12/13/61-11/5/62 c1840 Discharged-11/5/62(disability).Re-enl.,Co.D.,34th IN.,11/5/64-6/65
Bartlow Samuel Cpl. A 146 IN Franklin GAR 2/8/65- 1847 Invalid.AFP-1/27/90.
Bartlow William H. Pvt. NG NG IN Franklin GAR 11/20/61- 1828 res-Brookville,IN.
Bartlow James H. Pvt. NG NG IN Franklin GAR 10/19/61- 1843
Bartlow Joseph F. Pvt. C 9 IN Hancock GAR 2/14/64-9/28/65 1824 reenlisted,1/14/65.
Bartlow John W. Pvt. C 53 KY Campbell GAR 9/15/64- 1846 enlisted at Covington,KY.
Bartlow Albert R./A. Cpl. F 53 KY Campbell GAR 10/3/64- 1844 enlisted at Newport,KY.Invalid,AFP-4/11/89
Bartlow Calvin C. Pvt. F 39 MO Knox GAR 9/8/64-3/19/65 1844 Enlisted-8/13/64,Edina,MO.Invalid,AFP-10/28/86; Wid.,Anna,AFP-12/8/05
Bartlow Luther M. Pvt. B 16 MN Hennepin GAR 8/10/62-7/17/65 1825 age-37.Also Co.K,23Regt.Veteran Reserved Corps;6 Miss.Inf.(should be MO.)
Bartlow William H. Cpl. B 6 MN Hennepin GAR 8/11/62- 1832 age-30. Invalid,AFP-12/14/94(MO.)
Barklow Abraham Pvt. NG NG OH Richland GAR 9/21/61- 1811 Age-40. More like 50.
Bartlow America A. Pvt. NG NG OH Williams GAR no dates 1827 Female.Indiana Infantry. Bur-Columbia Cem.,Columbia,OH.
Bartlow Daniel D. Pvt. NG NG OH Henry GAR 9/2/61-4/21/62 1840 age-21.d.4/21/62,Rhea Co.,TN.
Bartlow Elijah S. Pvt. NG NG OH Henry GAR 9/2/61-4/9/65 1838 age-22.d.4/9/65,NYC.
Bartlow William Capt. A 59 OH Clermont GAR 9/12/61- 1830 Invalid.,AFP-4/29/96,S.Dak.
Bartlow Warren B. Pvt. E 3 PA Philadelphia GAR 5/31/61-;11/7/63 1843 also Co.D.,54th Inf. Invalid,AFP-7/9/90
Bartlow John Pvt. NG 47 PA North'rland GAR 9/1/62- 1841 res-Sunbury. Same killed- 10/19/64.
Barklow George E. Pvt. E 51 PA Union GAR 9/1/1861-7/21/63 1842 Capt.G.H.Hassenplug. d.7/21/63,Brownsville,MS.,typhoid
Bartlow Martin Pvt. A 177 PA Lycoming GAR 10/30/1862- 1837 Capt.Wm.H.Gasline,Maj.John Power. Invalid,AFP-11/2/87; wid.,Louisa M.,AFP-12/4/14
Bartlow George H. Cpl. A 177 PA Lycoming GAR 10/30/62;2/29/64 1839 Capt.Wm.H.Gasline,Maj.John Power
Bartlow John Sgt. A 47 PA Franklin GAR 1863-10/19/64 1841 d.10/19/64,bur.Lot 10,Winchester Nat.Cem.,Frederick Co.,VA. Capt. J.P.S. Gobin's 3rd Brigade, Sunbury Guards,8/19/61.
Bartlow Henry D. Pvt. D 179 PA Wayne GAR 11/13/62-7/27/63 1839 res-Maplewood,PA.
Bartlow Philip W. Pvt. D 179 PA Wayne GAR 11/13/62-7/27/63 1829 res-Maplewood,PA.
Bartlow Robert Pvt. M 7 PA North'rland GAR 2/22/1864-8/12/1865 1844 d.8/12/65,Louisville,KY. res-Sunbury,PA. Mother, Susan, AFP-4/14/76?

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