Burklows in the Military

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the military record, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

This military data is extracted from several sources and then compared with other data to help determine identification, including age where it was not recorded at the time of enlistment. In some cases, a soldier's service only came to light when he filed on his own behalf, or when a widow, father, or dependent applied for a pension on behalf of their deceased spouse, son or relative. It is not intended to emulate any particular online or published listings.

Some abbreviations used- "NG=not given"; "AFP=applied for pension"

Lastname Firstname Rank Co. Regt. ST County War Service YOB Comment
Burkelow Jacob Unk. NG NG PA Philadelphia Rev 1777 c1753 3rd Batt., Rush's Co. Excused at appeal
Burkelow Samuel Pvt. 7th NG PA Philadelphia Rev 1777-1779 c1755 2nd Batt.,3rd Cl.,7th Co.,McCullough's Artillery,also Pancake's Co.;Young's Co.
VanBurcalo Peter Pvt. 8th 5th DE Kent none -7/19/1800 c1760 Among persons sentenced by Court Martial to pay fine($3.50) for non-attendance on last 3 days of exercise, Capt. John Brinckle, 7/28/1800.
VanBurkleo William Pvt. NG NG MO St. Charles 1812 1812-1814 1783 Capt. Musick's Co., MO. Rangers. Also Capt. Samuel Griffith's Co.
Burkelow John Pvt. NG 6th KY Hopkins 1812 9/12/12- c1789 Capt. James Love's Co.,KY Militia. Also Barbour's Co., KY Mil.
Burkelow Isaac Pvt. NG 6th KY Hopkins 1812 9/1/1812- c1799 Capt.Thomas Stokes Co.,KY Militia. Also Barbour's Co., KY Mil.
VanBurkelo Samuel Pvt. NG NG MO Boone 1812 6/7/12-7/31/12 1789 Capt.Nathan Boone's Rangers. Also Lt. Col. Dodge's Command, Missouri Mil.
VanBurkelow Daniel Pvt. NG NG OH Hamilton 1812 No dates c1780 Capt. Wallace's Mounted Co., Ohio Mil.
Burklow Isaac Pvt. NG 2nd TN Davidson? 1812 No dates c1799 2nd Regt., Mounted Gunmen (Cannon's Co.), W. Tenn. Vols. Also Pvt., 1st Regt. (Pipkin's Co.) W. Tenn. Mil.
Burkelow Henry Unk. C 9th KY NG GAR no dates c1840 Bur-Battlefield Nat.Cem.,Stones River,KY.
Burklow Elias Sgt. I 17 KY Crittenden GAR no dates 1820 Cavalry.Muster Roll.
Burklow James W. Cpl. K 1st IL Massac? GAR 9/25/1861- 1841 res-Crittenden Co.,KY.
Burklow Uriah S. Cpl. D 20 KY Crittenden GAR 10/7/1861- 1820 res-Crittenden Co.,KY. Enlisted- Smithland,KY.
Burklow Harrison Sgt. NG NG IL Pulaski GAR 8/22/1861- c1832 res-Caledonia,IL.
Burklow Lewis D. Pvt. NG NG NC Cumberland CSA 5/6/1862- 1845 res-Fayetteville,NC.

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