Overview: The Barricklow Branch

Among the Van Borculo groups, the Barricklow group has received nearly as much attention in genealogical publications as the Barkalow branch, which is not to say, however, that either has been thoroughly covered. A problem of notable concern to researchers is Fayette County,PA, the first major Barricklow settlement outside Middlesex County,NJ. The absence of vital records in Fayette County before the Civil War has resulted in a much heavier reliance on other sources uncovered primarily through extensive correspondence. Add the loss of our first four U.S. Federal Census returns for New Jersey(1790 through 1820) and one can easily understand why the tracking of these lines has been difficult. Tax lists, some church records, a few probate records and highly useful family bibles have formed the bulk of sources for the NJ Barricklows.

What is widely accepted about this line is that all Barricklows trace their ancestry to Conrad Willemse Barkelo(1680-1754), son of Dutch immigrant Willem Janse Lubberdinck van Borculo(c1621-1683). As with all five major Van Borculo groups, the reverse of that statement is not perfectly valid. That is, not all descendants of Conrad Van Barkelo are Barricklows(some alliterated to Barcklow, Barcalow and Barkalow). In fact, I don't recall having ever seen Conrad's name spelled Barricklow or Barricklo. But, that would not be unusual for the progenitors of any particular Van Borculo branch, as the predominant surname spelling developed and gained increasing consistency of usage with their children and grandchildren.

Conrad Barkelo married Margaret [Farrington] and fathered four known children, including two sons, Farrington(c1717-1763) and Daniel(1720-1801). Records suggest Farrington Barkelow married Elizabeth Van Voorhees, though both died before October,1763, leaving an orphaned son, William(c1746-1777).

William Barkelow(c1746-1777), the only apparent heir of Farrington, did himself die as a young man in April,1777. Having married Jacomyntje Rappelyea about 1770, she preceded him in death, leaving three children, two being surname bearing sons,Farrington(1771-1854) and Cornelius(1773-c1835). These brothers settled in Somerset County,NJ and produced lines that spelled their names Barcalow and Barkalow, like the Freehold,NJ branches.

Daniel Barricklo(1720-1801) wed first, Aeltje Van Liew, and they had four issue, three of them sons, Conrad(1742-1802), Hendrick(c1746-1825) and William(c1748-p1805). Daniel's second betrothal to Mary Miller was more fruitful, resulting in ten additional children, including four more sons, John(1754-1820), Farrington(1756-1817), Cornelius(c1770-1802), and Christoffel(Stoffel)(1774-1860). Most became "Barricklow" lines. Stoffel "Barkalow" was the non-conformist.

Conrad Barricklow(1742-1802) married Sarah Miller, who bore him five offspring, four of them male. They were: Daniel(1770-1827), who removed to Dearborn(Ohio) Co.,IN.; Hendrick(1772-1851), who opted to settle in Harrison Co.,OH.; John(1775-1844) and Farrington(1777-1861), both of whom emigrated to Dearborn Co.,IN(became Ohio County in 1844) by 1815. John Barricklow, however, died in St. Charles Co.,Missouri, though most of his children settled in Illinois and Iowa. Farrington married twice, died in Ohio County and named no children in his will.

Hendrick Barricklow(c1746-1825) married Magdalena Duryea. As did his brother, Conrad, Hendrick emigrated from Middlesex Co.,NJ to Fayette Co.,PA. Hendrick had no less than six children, included among them five sons, four of whom were known to have reached adulthood: Daniel(1773-bef.1810); Hendrick,Jr.(1780-1829); Farrington(c1783-1836); George(1786-1815) and Frederick(1794-1858). Hendrick,Jr. married a Catharine --?-- and sired 11 children, four of them sons: Daniel(1803-1876), died in Logan Co.,OH.; George(1804-1887), remained in Dunbar,PA.; Henry(1809-1887) died in Jefferson Co.,OH; and, Frederick(c1810-p1827), who apparently died without reaching adulthood. Farrington married Mary Oldham and left a fairly large family in Indiana when he died in 1836. George Barricklow married Sarah Oglevee, died very young in Nov.1815 in Harrison Co.,OH., leaving five children under ten years of age.

William Barricklo(b.c1748 or 1759) appears to be the same who wed Eleanor (Rue?) and died in 1826, though Cranbury burial records(which contradict each other) would have him born between 1759-1765. See NOTES in Family Sheet Section: William Barricklow(1748-p1805). William and Eleanor had at least four children, two of them males. The oldest son, Daniel(chr.1795), has escaped further research and may have died young. William,Jr.(1804-p1870) was baptized at Cranbury, but spent his later years at Jamestown,NJ.

John Barricklo(1754-1820) married Ann Reed and had sons, William J.(1788-1826), John J.(1790-1826), and Daniel J.(1793-1831). This family lived in Cranbury,NJ, as did John's brother, Farrington(1756-1817).

Farrington Barricklo(1756-1817) married Mary Reed, sister of Mrs. John Barricklo. Their sons were: John F.(1790-1860); Daniel F.(1792-c1831); and twins, William R.(1796-1833) and Cornelius(1796-a1814).

Cornelius Barricklo(c1770-1802) died young, but not until he'd married Elizabeth Van Buren and produced two heirs, the oldest being the only son, John Van Buren Barricklo(1798-1839). John V.B. Barricklo's line emigrated with relatives to California's San Joaquin Valley in the 1850's.

Christoffel(Stoffel) Barkalow(1774-1860), Daniel's youngest, married Mary Beekman and removed to Baskingridge,NJ about 1810. As in numerous Van Borculo scenarios, emigration or isolation(sometimes just a few miles), caused surname alliteration to develop among extended family lines. Stoffel Barkalow had four sons: Daniel(1808-1866); Cornelius(1811-1884); Christopher(Jr.)(1817-1865); and William F.(1819-p1850), the last of whom may have been retarded.

Only Daniel's two oldest sons, Conrad(1742) and Hendrick(c1746) left New Jersey. They settled in Fayette Co.,PA and died there. Between 1809 and 1815, many of their sons moved to Harrison Co.,OH or Dearborn(now Ohio) Co.,IN. A good portion of their descendants can still be found in those counties today.

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