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These are lists of General Resources and References used. Individuals with whom I've corresponded over the years, who have also provided substantial family data from their own research, are not listed here, but will appear in Acknowledgments.

Group One: Census Records

Dozens of 400-mile roundtrips to Seattle for more than 20-years provided these. Now I can look them up anytime at Ancestry.com.

  1. Available Federal Census Records, 1790 - 1930
  2. Available State Census Records, 1835 - 1905
  3. Available Soundex and Miracode Indexes, 1880 - 1930

Group Two: County Records

Some have been gleaned from onsite county sources in the more than 40 states visited for specific localized research, though many required viewing FHCL-rented microfilm of originals.

  1. Extant Birth, Death, & Marriage Registers
  2. Available Probate & Administration Records
  3. Colonial Tax Lists
  4. Deed Books, Mortgage Books

Group Three: Church Records

Most were extracted from printed sources but subsequently viewed from FHCL-rented microfilm of originals.

  1. Freehold-Middletown,NJ, RD Records
  2. Six-Mile Run,NJ, RD Records
  3. Cranbury,NJ, First Presbyterian Records
  4. Readington,NJ, RD Records
  5. New Utrecht,NY, RD Records
  6. Northfield(Staten Is.),NY, RD Records
  7. Millstone,NJ RD Records

Group Four: Books & Periodicals

Genealogical magazines and books in print with significant references to Van Borculo line families.

  1. New York Genealogical & Biographical Record(all vols.)
  2. Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey(all vols.)
  3. Somerset County(NJ) Historical Quarterly(all 8 vols.)
  4. Historical & Genealogical Miscellany, Stillwell(all 5 vols.)
  5. Van Borculo Census Researcher, D. E. Bartlow,1982.
  6. Early Dutch Settlers of Monmouth County(NJ), George Beekman,1900.
  7. History of Monmouth and Ocean Counties(NJ),Edwin Salter,1890.
  8. Old Times in Old Monmouth, Salter & Beekman.
  9. New Jersey Archives, (all series & vols.)
  10. Pennsylvania Archives, (all series & vols.)
  11. New Jersey Genealogist,(all vols.)
  12. New Jersey Magazine of History & Biography,(all vols.)

Group Five: Special Collections

Places personally visited and, in some cases, utilized regularly, such as FARBL in Seattle, and FHCL in Salt Lake City.

  1. Federal Archives Regional Branch Library and Records Centers, Seattle,WA & San Bruno,CA.(1977- )
  2. Family History Center Library, Salt Lake City,UT.(1977- )
  3. Rutgers University Library, Special Collections Dept., New Brunswick,NJ.(June,1981)
  4. Sutro Library,San Francisco,CA.(1986- )
  5. Bucknell University Library, Local History Collections,Lewisburg,PA.(1978,1981)
  6. Pennsylvania Historical & Genealogical Society,Philadelphia,PA.(June,1981)
  7. Hunterdon County Genealogical Society,Flemington,NJ.(Aug.1978)
  8. Union County Historical Society,Lewisburg,PA.(1978,1981,1985)
  9. Genealogical Society of Oregon,Inc.,Portland,OR.(1977- )
  10. Oregon State Historical Society,Salem,OR.(1977- )

Group Six: Miscellaneous Sources

  1. Primary Online Sources
    1. Ancestry.com(subscriber)
    2. USGenWeb.com
    3. Rootsweb.com
    4. FamilySearch.com
  2. SAR & DAR Lineage Books, Indeces & Notes.
  3. Military Records, General Services Administration, Washington D.C.
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