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A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the tombstone, perhaps directly, or, from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

OHIO (cont.) (Darke,Warren & Shelby Co. Cem.'s)

The Carlisle or Tapscott Cemetery has dozens of collateral Barkalow lines which don't bear the surname. There are many more names which can be looked up upon request. Some of these names would be Conover, Schenck, Dubois, Emley, Francis, to mention just a few.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barklow Hendrick OH Darke Gordon 9-25-1816, 5-31-1895, 78-8-6 Sec.35,(s/o Daniel)
Barklow Elizabeth OH Darke Gordon 1-3-1819, 12-23-1908, 89-11-22 (w/o Hendrick)
Barklow Samuel OH Darke Gordon 7-25-1851, 1-4-1920 (s/o Hendrick)
Barklow Ellenora OH Darke Gordon 2-22-1852, 12-30-1945 (w/o Samuel)
Barklow Laura OH Darke Gordon 1875-1954 (unm. d/o Samuel)
Barklow Marjorie OH Darke Ithaca 3-18-1922, 12-22-1924 (d/o Russell & Alma)
Barklow Russell OH Darke Ithaca 1888-1981 (s/o Samuel & Ellenora)
Barklow Alma OH Darke Ithaca 1890-1994 (w/o Russell),SSDI say b.4/5/91- d.12/24/94, (103y8m19d)
Barkalow William OH Warren Carlisle Dec.28,1750-d.Sep.16,1822 (s/o William & Aeltje)
Barkalow Margaret OH Warren Carlisle b.Aug.20,1748-d.Feb.28,1832 (w/o William)
Barkalow James OH Warren Carlisle b.Dec.26,1820-d.Aug.11,1884 (s/o William F.)
Barkalow William F. OH Warren Carlisle b.July 12,1779-d.May 21,1863 (s/o William)
Barkalow Rosanna OH Warren Carlisle b.Sep.14,1783-d.July 3,1842 (w/o William F.)
Barkalow Derick OH Warren Carlisle d.Mar.29,1843, age 29yr. (s/o Benj. & Ann)
Barkalow Benjamin B. OH Warren Carlisle b.Monmouth Co.,NJ, May 12,1782. d.Feb.15,1818 (s/o Derick & )
Barkalow George L. OH Warren Carlisle d.Mar.15,1875, age 62yr.,6mo. (s/o Benjamin B.) )
Barkalow Margaret B. OH Warren Carlisle d.Mar.24,1897, age 78yr.,8mo.,11da. (w/o George L.)
Barkalow William OH Warren Carlisle d.May 7,1864, age 63yr.,22da. (s/o Tobias)
Barkalow Ann OH Warren Carlisle d.Apr.9,1842, age 42yr.,9da. (w/o William)
Barkalow Joseph H. OH Warren Carlisle b.June 22,1826 d.Dec.26,1898 (s/o William F.)
Barkalow Maryette OH Warren Carlisle b.Jan.10,1833 d.Apr.20,1868 (w/o Joseph H.)
Barkalow John L. OH Warren Carlisle b.Nov.21,1815 d.May 16,1894 (s/o Benj. & Ann)
Barkalow Jane OH Warren Carlisle b.June 29,1825 d.Dec.25,1909 (w/o John L.)
Barkalow James OH Warren Carlisle d.Apr.13,1836, age 39yr.2mo.3da. (s/o Tobias)
Barkalow Catharine OH Warren Carlisle b.May 28,1806 d.Sep.29,1888 (w/o James)
Barkalow Tobias P. OH Warren Carlisle d.July 16,1892, age 62y 6m 7d. (s/o James T.)
Barkalow Mary P. OH Warren Carlisle d.Dec.24,1885, age 52y 3m 9d. (w/o Tobias P.)
Barkalow Elizabeth,Mrs. OH Shelby Graceland 3-26-1822, 2-20-1919, age-96 Lot 80-1,(w/o James D.)
Barkalow James D. OH Shelby Graceland 9-12-1824, 2-24-1893, age-65(?) Lot 80-1,(s/o John)
Barkalow Jennie OH Shelby Graceland 3-3-1861, 7-2-1934, age-73yrs Lot 80-1,(w/o William W.)
Barkalow William W. OH Shelby Graceland d.8-4-1923, age-62 Lot 80-1,(s/o James D.)
Barkalow Ralph OH Shelby Graceland 6-22-1885, 11-18-1941, age-56 Lot 80-1,(s/o Willliam W.)
Barkalow Viola T. OH Shelby Graceland d.10-6-1967, age-77 Lot 80-1,Viola Theresa(w/o Ralph)
Barkalow John OH Shelby Graceland 9-29-1801, 9-7-1872, 70yrs. Lot 135-1,b.Kentucky(s/o William P.)
Barkalow Catherine OH Shelby Graceland 11-00-1804, 1-31-1882 Lot 135-1,b.New Jersey(w/o John)
Barkalow Margaret C. OH Shelby Graceland 2-8-1844, 7-8-1845 Lot 135-1,(d/o John & Cath.)
Barcalow Louise M. OH Shelby St.Peters Cath. 1884-1932 Cynthia Twp.,Newport,OH.(w/o Wm.J.)
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