Barkalow Probate Records - 2

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Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCALOW, Daniel, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., will of:

1811,May 1, Mother, Rebeckah Barcalow, all the share of land belonging to me from my father; also my bed and bedding, clothing, as long as she remains David Barcalow's widow. If she should not remain his widow, said estate to be divided equally with John Polhemus, Samuel Barcalow, William Barcalow, and Alice Wilis. To Daniel Polhemus(son of John D. Polhemus), my bay mare, saddle and bridle. Executors- Rebeckah Barcalow and John Polhemus. Witnesses- Thomas West, Peter J. Dey, Elizabeth Polhemus. Proved-Sep.27,1811.

1811,Sep.14, - Inventory- $157.00, made by Aaron reed, John Headden. NJA(1st Ser.),Vol.41,p.27.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCALOW, Rebeccah, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.,will of:

1813,Feb.3, Son, John Polhemus, $200 out of my thirds of plantation that belongs to me and my husband, David Barcalow. The money on bond in hands of Samuel and William Barcalow to be equally divided between my children, Samuel, William Barcalow, Alis Willis. Alis to have interest of her share and principal for her children. Share of my son, Daniel Barcalow, in the farm to be equally divided between four children: David(son of Samuel Barcalow), one bed; Rebecca Barcalow(daughter of William), one bed. Wearing apparel and "my share of her grandmother" to Alice Willis. My books and my mother's share to be divided between 4 children. Furniture and money "that is the law" to be so divided among 4 children. Executors- two sons, John Polhemus and Samuel Barcalow. Witnesses- Peter Forman & Fransinkey Forman, Mary Hampton. Proved- Mar.5,1813, when John D. Polhemus & Samuel Barcalow signed as executors.

1813,Feb.17, Inventory- $177.78; made by James Robinson, David Van Schoick.

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