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NOTE: The personal information requested on registration cards tended to differ slightly from state to state, county to county. In addition, some of the cards are faded, out of focus and therefore "hard to read". Missing items will reflect one or both conditions and the fact the registrar did not record certain data. They are listed as ("n.rec"), or ("n.r.")

The signature spelling sometimes differed from the registrar's, e.g., from "Louis" to "Lewis". Ancestry's database is indexed by the registrar's spelling. In those cases, I will use the individual's spelling. The "1917" and "1918" Registration years represent only two dates, June 5,1917, and Sept.12,1918.

Abbreviations: Wh=White; Cau=Caucasian; M=Medium; sht=short; sle=slender; stt=stout; br=brown; l.blu=light blue; drk=dark; brown; blk=black

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Lastname First Middle Age YOB M/D Rac Occ. Nr.Rela. Ht Bld Eye Hair Dis. Reg. County ST Residence Comment:
Barkalow Derrick George 44 1874 Apr 15 Wh Streetcar Conductor Beulah E. M M blu no 1918 Los Angeles CA Los Angeles res-311 Alice St.
Barkalow John David 27 1890 May 12 Cau Brakeman wf. & ch. tall M blu no 1917 Los Angeles CA Los Angeles b.Fontano,KS.
Barkalow Harry A. 35 1882 Aug 29 Wh Car Repairer Hazel M M blu br no 1918 Chaffee CO Salida empl- So.Pac RR
Barkalow Denise - 32 1886 Apr 08 Wh Bank Secretary Louise P. M sle blu no 1918 Denver CO Denver res-1717 E. 7th
Barkalow Robert Vail 37 1881 Aug 20 Wh Chemical Manuf'r Mary Stearns sht sle blu blk no 1918 Denver CO Denver res-170 Lafayette
Barkalow Fred S. 27 1889 Oct 06 Cau Stenogr'r wf. & 1 ch. M sle gray red no 1917 Cobb GA Marietta b.Shelbyville,IN.
Barkalow William Roscoe 30 1887 Mar 19 Cau Farmer wf. & 2ch. M sle blu red no 1917 Clark IL West Union b.Melrose,IL.
Barkalow Arthur Joseph 37 1880 Dec 15 Wh Commercial Artist Celeste June M M light light no 1918 Cook IL Chicago 820 Sunnyside Ave.
Barkalow Roy - 32 1886 Jun 03 Wh Farm'g Nora M sle blu br no 1918 Richland IL Noble none
Barkalow Walter Jefferson 25 1892 Jun 01 Cau Wood worker wf. & 2ch. M M br br no 1917 Jay IN Portland b.Berne,IN.
Barkalow William Thomas 41 1877 Apr 11 Wh Solder Jennie tall sle blu gray no 1918 Madison IN Anderson none
Barkalow Ernest Tibbals 33 1885 Jul 12 Wh Art Glass Glazier Frances M M gray light no 1918 Madison IN Alexandria "not employed"
Barkalow Homer - 25 1892 Jan 06 Cau Tool Cub single M M blu br no 1917 Madison IN Alexandria b.Jonesboro,IN. "tuberculosis"
Barkalow John Henry 40 1877 Dec 24 Wh Farm'g Elsie M. tall stt no 1918 Randolph IN Winchester self-employed
Barkalow George,Jr. - 28 1888 Jun 09 Cau Farmer wf. & 1ch. M M blu light no 1917 Guthrie IA Stuart b.Des Moines
Barkalow Charles - 27 1889 Nov 24 Cau RR Section Laborer wife M M no 1917 Muscatine IA Moscow b.Atalissa,IA.
Barkalow Elmer Dick 19 1899 May 05 Wh Farm'g for father W.B.(fa) M n.r. br br no 1918 Muscatine IA Ataalissa none
Barkalow Roy Halsted 41 1877 Feb 01 Wh Farmer Rosetia M sle blu blk no 1918 Muscatine IA Atalissa self-employed
Barkalow Verl Berln 22 1895 Mar 18 Cau Farmer single M M gray br no 1917 Muscatine IA Atalissa b.Atalissa
Barkalow Harry - 42 1876 Aug 08 Wh A Quarrier? Amy sht M br no 1918 Polk IA Des Moines res- 1533 19th Ave.
Barkalow Fred - 35 1883 Jul 29 Wh Deputy Clerk-Dist.Court Margie M sle br br no 1918 Polk IA Des Moines 1374 E. 12th St.
Barkalow James - 30 1878 Sep 26 Wh Shipping Clerk Bertha n.r. n.r. n.r. n.r. no 1918 Polk IA Des Moines 511 E. Locust
Barkalow Charles William 40 1877 Sep 19 Wh Farmer Kate M M gray no 1918 Cowley KS Burden res- R.F.D.#3
Barkalow Harold Irving 36 1882 Jan 23 Wh Stock Man Margaret Marie M M blu no 1918 Jackson MI Jackson 168 Stewart Ave.
Barkalow Cyrus William 40 1878 Jun 18 Wh 2nd Man in Lumber Yard Mrs. Maud Francis sht M br no 1918 Waseca MN Waseca res- 703 N. Waseca
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