Barkuloo World War I Registration - 1917-1918

NOTE: The personal information requested on registration cards tended to differ slightly from state to state, county to county. In addition, some of the cards are faded, out of focus and therefore "hard to read". Missing items will reflect one or both conditions and the fact the registrar did not record certain data. They are listed as ("n.rec"), or ("n.r."). The "Nearest Relative"[Nr.Rela.], is invariably the wife, unless specified as (fa,mo,sis,bro,etc.)

The signature spelling sometimes differed from the registrar's, e.g., from "Louis" to "Lewis". Ancestry's database is indexed by the registrar's spelling. In those cases, I will use the individual's spelling, not the registrar's. All "1917" and "1918" Registration years are represented by only two dates, Jun 5,1917, or, Sept.12,1918.

Abbreviations: Wh=White; Cau=Caucasian; M=Medium; sht=short; sle=slender; stt=stout; br=brown; l.blu=light blue; drk=dark; brown; blk=black

Lastname First Middle Age YOB M/D Rac Occ. Nr.Rela. Ht Bld Eye Hair Dis. Reg. County ST Residence Comment:
Barkeloo Homer Cyrus 21 1895 Nov 10 Cau Farmer single M M br no 1917 Greene IN Owensburg dep.(mother), self-employed
Barkeloo Stanley Dwight 42 1875 Dec 25 Wh Bartender Mrs. Susan S. M sle blu light no 1918 Delaware OH Delaware res- N. Sandusky Ave.
Barkeloo Thomas - 27 1892 Apr 27 Wh Electric Welding wife tall sle br br no 1917 Hamilton OH Cincinnati b,Owensburg,IN. dep.- fa & mo.
Barkuloo William Charles 36 1882 Apr 04 Wh Auditor - Bank Maytie A. M M br grey no 1918 Santa Clara CA Los Gatos Garden City Bank, San Jose,CA
Barkuloo Carleton Roy 19 1899 Jun 10 Wh Auto Mechanic Mrs. H.(mo.) M M blu no 1918 Blue Earth MN Mankato res-310 Cherry St.
Barkuloo Paul Allen 40 1877 Oct 04 Wh Credit Mgr. Adria D. tall sle drk no 1918 Hennepin MN Minneapolis res- 2537 Dupont Ave., So.
Barkuloo Ray Glenroy 20 1897 Nov 24 Wh Teller Mrs. Sarah (mother) M M blu no 1918 Toole MT Sweet Grass 1st Internat. Bank
Barkuloo William Henry 41 1876 Oct 17 Wh Reamer/ Driller Mrs. Wm. H. * ** grey no 1918 Bucks PA Harriman *5-10;**150lbs., Merchant Shipbuild'g Corp.
Barkuloo Freeman L. 22 1895 Apr 23 Cau Mechanic single M M blu light no 1917 Day SD Waubay b.Redwood Falls,MN.
Barkuloo Herbert Willdon 19 1899 Jul 03 Wh Bookk'per Fred M sle blu br no 1918 Day SD Waubay 1st Nat. Bank
Barkuloo Robert Wilford 30 1887 Nov 17 Cau Farm'g wf. & ch. M sle blu br no 1917 Harris TX Cedar Bayou self-employed
Barkuloo James Lawrence 20 1898 Jan 15 Wh Apprent. Machinist Rachel Eliz. M stt no 1918 Spokane WA Spokane Union Iron Works
Barkuloo Harry Marcus 24 1893 Mar 06 Cau Farm Laborer single tall sle blu no 1917 Pierce WI Ellsworth b.Hartland,WI
Barkuloo Louis Frank 22 1894 Mar 22 Cau Farm Laborer single M M grey yes 1917 Pierce WI Ellsworth "crippled left hand"
Barkuloo Warren - 20 1898 Oct 24 Wh Farm'g Mrs. Jane tall M grey yes 1918 Pierce WI Ellsworth "rupture"

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