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This page allows the researcher to bypass the Directory and operate completely within the Barkuloo-based collections. It accesses the same categories while providing added links and options.

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History & Genealogy Link: Description:
Page-1 Overview: Descendants of Harmanus Barkeloo(c1705-c1753)
Page-2 Lineage & pedigree charts - 5 generations
Page-3 Family Sheets: selected Barkuloo lines only
Page-4 Barkuloo Marriages, Deaths & Items from old newspapers
Barkuloo Marriages Link: Years: Link: Years: Link: Years:
Page-1 1685-1775 Page-4 1838-1859 Page-7 1894-1905
Page-2 1787-1820 Page-5 1861-1877 Page-8 1906-1919
Page-3 1820-1837 Page-6 1878-1893 Page-9 not avail.
Census Records Link: Comment: Link: Comment: Link: Comment: Link: Comment:
Rev.War Rev. or Colonial Period 1790 First U.S. Census 1800 2nd Cen. (1st Mon. in Aug.) 1810 3rd Cen. (1st Mon. in Aug.)
1820 4th Cen.(1st Mon. in Aug.) 1830 5th Fed. Census 1840 6th Fed. Census 1850 7th Cen.(June 1, 1850)
1860 8th Cen.(June 1, 1860) 1870 9th Cen.(June 1, 1870) 1880 10th Cen.(June 1, 1880) 1900 12th Cen.(June 1,1900)
Cemetery Records Link: Description:
Page-1 New York,New Jersey Cem's; Misc. Cem's.
Page-2 Minnesota & Wisconsin Cemeteries
Probate Records Link: Description:
Page-1 NY/OH/IN/AR Barkuloo wills,etc.(1744-1810)
Page-2 NJ/ More Barkuloo wills(1811-1813)
Vital Records Link: Description:
Page-1 Barkuloo Deaths in Ohio & Indiana
Page-2 Deaths- Washington State(1907-1998)
Military Records Link: Description:
Page-1 Barkuloo Military Service: Rev. War through Civil War
Page-2 World War I Draft Registration Data
Tax Records Link: Description:
Page-1 Colonial tax records - Kings Co.,NY
Land & Property Link: Description:
Page-1 NJ/Hunterdon Co.Deeds; NY/Richmond Co. Deed Index of Names
Orphan Lines Link: Description:
Page-1 Ancestral or descending lines with problems

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