Barkuloo Marriages - 8

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the marriage record, perhaps directly, or from a compilation. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by descendants of the individuals listed herein.

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Lastname Firstname Spousename Firstname ST County Year MO/DAY
Barkuloo Martha A. Goodier John H. WI Pierce 1906 Feb 14
Barcalow Mabel Hofman Charles S. PA Philadelphia 1906
Barcalow Abraham Saurman Ellyn M. PA Philadelphia 1907 May
Barcalow Hogeland Ditzler Emma J. PA Philadelphia 1907 Nov
Barcalow Mary Ann Pierson George W. PA Philadelphia 1907
Barkuloo Bessie Jane Shaw Guy Aubry TX Harris 1908 Oct 14
Barcalow William D. George Mary L. PA Bucks 1909
Barkuloo Margaret M. White William P. GA Glynn? 1911 Dec 29
Barkuloo Margaret Spangler Mr. CA Los Angeles? 1912
Barkuloo Robert W. Shaw Blanche Myrtle TX Harris 1913 Mar 18
Barkeloo Thomas C. Lunsford Bertha OH Butler 1914 Apr 18
Barkuloo Osmont V. Spires Floy GA Tift 1915 Oct 10
Barkuloo Echo,Mrs. Lewis Mr. MN Ramsey 1915
Barkeloo Homer C. Burgess Hazel OH Butler 1916
Barcalow Abram B. Koenig Emma PA Bucks 1916
Barkeloo Josephine O'Bannon Wilford IN Greene 1917 Mar 26
Barcalow Gertrude Fowler Oscar PA Philadelphia 1917 Sep 18
Barkuloo Warren G. Helmer Beatrice WI Pierce 1918 Jun 19
Barkuloo Ruby Compton Everett SD Day 1919 Oct 11
Barkuloo Louis F. Cronk Julia Irene WI Pierce 1919 Dec 11
Barkuloo Freeman L. Skor Millie SD Day 1919 Dec 29
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