Barkuloo Marriages - 7

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the marriage record, perhaps directly, or from a compilation. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by descendants of the individuals listed herein.

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Lastname Firstname Spousename Firstname ST County Year MO/DAY
Barkuloo Marcus F. Nelson Bessie MN Redwood 1894 Apr 25
Barkuloo Howard E. Ware Echo,Mrs. MN Ramsey 1894 Sep 12
Barkuloo Clara Amelia Olund Charles A. MN Redwood 1894 Sep 14
Barkuloo Harman W. Unknown Delcena TX Harris 1895
Barkeloo Otto V. Montgomery Annetta AR Hot Springs 1896 Feb 03
Barkeloo Zoe N. Colvin George OH Hamilton? 1896
Barkuloo Charles L. Nelson Sigrid O. MN Redwood 1897 Jan 12
Barkuloo Frances E. Dumond George A. WI Pierce 1897 Jun 03
Barcalow Louisa R. Abbott J.Ernest PA Philadelphia 1897
Barkuloo William H. Goodier Susan H. WI Pierce 1898 Sep 18
Barkaloo Mary A. Blodgett Joseph C. IA Clinton 1898 Nov 14
Barcalow Nicholas D. Field Gertrude M. NJ Mercer 1898 Nov 21
Barkeloo Emma K. Marte John D. OH Butler 1898 Dec 29
Barcalow Minnie Davison William NY Richmond 1899
Barkuloo Mary Harlow Slauson Irvin D. MN Koochiching 1900 Oct 15
Barkeloo Susan Cain Thomas OH Butler? 1900
Barkeloo Stanley D. Coleman Susan M. OH Delaware 1901 Jan 23
Barkuloo Florence M. Bennett George T. WI Pierce 1901 Mar 25
Barkuloo Ella S. Birkebak Jorgen J. MN McLeod 1901 Jun 18
Barkuloo Paul A. Buckbee Adria D. MN St.Louis? 1902
Barkuloo Charles W. Kilgore Emma J. TX Harris 1903 Nov 08
Barkuloo Maud E. Kendall Spencer M. WI Pierce 1904 Jul 27
Barkuloo Harman W.. Unknown Elana TX Harris 1904
Barkuloo Jesse C. Ims Christina MN Yellow Medicine 1905 Oct 05
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