Barkuloo Marriages - 4

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the marriage record, perhaps directly, or from a compilation. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by descendants of the individuals listed herein.

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Lastname Firstname Spousename Firstname ST County Year MO/DAY
Barkeloo John Lockert Mary AR Pulaski 1838 Apr 18
Barkuloo Catherine E. Vessing Enoch NY Kings 1839 Nov 14
Barkeloo Charles Cox Clarissa H. IN Dearborn 1839 Dec 12
Barcalow Evan B. Fetter Eliza Ann PA Bucks 1839
Barkuloo Winant Gleeson? Elizabeth NY Kings? 1841
Barkuloo Sarah A. Suydam Remington V. NY Kings 1843 Sep 06
Barkeloo Abraham Merritt Amelia A. NY Richmond 1844 Aug 10
Barkeloo Mary VanBuskirk John NY Kings 1844 Sep 24
Barkuloo John Adams Sarah IN Dearborn 1844 Oct 23
Barkuloo Charles Hamlin Nancy IN Dearborn 1846 Jan 18
Barkeloo Adriana Genung Isaac P. NY Kings 1847 Jun 24
Barkuloo Henry Low Ellen NY Kings 1849 Mar 29
Barkuloo Daniel G. Latourette Ann NY Richmond 1849 Oct 14
Barcalow Jacob E. Banes Rebecca PA Bucks 1849
Barkeloo Willem DeBruhl Eliza C. NY Kings 1852 Jun 16
Barkuloo Susan Ann Hull Philo B. IN Dearborn 1853 Aug 4
Barkeloo David Jones Decker Mary C. NY Richmond 1855
Barcalow Ellen Allman Barnabas OH Williams 1856 Jan 15
Barkeloo Harriet J. Buckingham Charles E. NY Kings 1856 May 05
Barkeloo Charles T. Cassady Martha Jane IN Dearborn 1857 Feb 08
Barkuloo Mary M. Liddle John T. IN Dearborn? 1857
Barkeloo Jacques Bennett Jemima NY Kings 1858
Barcalow Marian Stuart Laban NY Dutchess 1858
Barkeloo Anna M. Courtwright William S. AL Mobile 1859 Jun 06
Barcalow Caroline Wheaton Charles NY Dutchess 1859 Oct 26
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