Barkuloo Marriages - 1

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the marriage record, perhaps directly, or from a compilation. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by descendants of the individuals listed herein.

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Lastname Firstname Spousename Firstname ST County Year MO/DAY
Barkeloo Willem Jurianse Anneke NY Kings 1685
Barkeloo William Cortelyou Maria NY Kings 1697 Apr 05
Berckeloo Daniel Blauvelt Lysbeth NY Kings 1700 May 04
Barcaloo Elizabeth Pels Stoffel NY Kings 1707 Oct 18
Barkaloo Elizabeth Lane Jacob NY Kings 1707
Barkuloo Willempje Nevius Joris NY Kings 1710
Barkuloo Marytje Zutphen Abraham NY Richmond 1718
Barkuloo Anna Lyster Peter NY Kings 1719 May 23
Barkeloo Elizabeth VanVorst Johannes NY Kings 1722 May 06
Berkelo Catharina Sele Nathaniel NY Kings 1723 Aug 15
Berkelo Josyntje TenEyck Abraham NY Kings 1725 Aug 25
Barkeloo Harmanus Terhune Sarah NY Kings 1729
Barkeloo Helen Blau Michael NY Kings 1735
Barkuloo Margaretta Roll Johannes NY Richmond 1740
Barcalow Elizabeth Veghte Garret NY Richmond? 1741
Barkuloo Abraham Ellis Catrina NY Richmond 1746
Barkeloo Margaretta Cropsey Casper NY Kings 1749 May 27
Barkeloo Maria Holsaart Anthony NY Kings 1755
Barkeloo Maria Cropsey Casper NY Kings 1760
Barcaloo Willempje Bennet Johannes NY Kings 1761 Jul 07
Barkeloo Sarah Duryea Johannes NY Kings 1763 Nov 05
Barkeloo Harmanus Duryea Elizabeth NY Kings 1765 May 31
Barkeloo Jacques Suydam Catherine NY Kings 1770
Barkuloo Cornelius Corsen Wyntie NY Richmond 1770
Barkuloo Catherine DeHart Edward NY Richmond 1775
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