Barkuloo Marriages - 3

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the marriage record, perhaps directly, or from a compilation. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by descendants of the individuals listed herein.

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Lastname Firstname Spousename Firstname ST County Year MO/DAY
Barkuloo Rachel C. Miller David/Daniel IN Dearborn 1820
Barkalow Catharine Dougherty Jacob OH Hamilton 1821 Mar 21
Barkuloo Mary Post Peter NY Richmond 1823
Barkeloo Nicholas Jones Maria NY Richmond 1824 Mar 04
Barkuloo Catherine Decker Israel NY Richmond 1824 Sep 22
Barkeloo Catherine A. Stephens George KY Campbell 1825 Mar 01
Barkuloo Harman Thorn Rebecca IN Dearborn 1828 Oct 23
Barcalow Hogeland Bennet Margaret PA Bucks 1829 Feb 19
Barkeloo Harmanus Potter Eliza H. NY Kings 1829 Sep 29
Barkuloo John Mayall Ruth IN Dearborn 1829 Nov 13
Barkeloo Jacques Barkeloo Catherine A. OH Hamilton? 1829
Barkeloo Thomas P. Barkeloo Maria OH Butler 1830 May 06
Barkeloo Maria Barkeloo Thomas P. OH Butler 1830 May 06
Barkeloo Cornelia Van Brunt Albert NY Kings 1830
Barkuloo Sarah Garrison William IN Rush 1831 Sep 04
Barkeloo Ida Hubbard Elias H. NY Kings 1833 Mar 04
Barkeloo Thomas P. Jones Mary OH Butler 1833 Aug 20
Barkeloo Tunis S. Bergen Lemmantie NY Kings 1834 Jan 15
Barkeloo John Foster Catherine IN Dearborn 1834 Jan 28
Barkulo Seward Talman Cornelia A. NY New York 1834 May 12
Barkuloo Sarah Corson Mr. NY Richmond 1834
Barkuloo Charles Cox Amanda IN Rush 1835 Feb 16
Barkeloo Elizabeth Bergen John G. NY Kings 1835 Sep 21
Barkeloo Sophia King Thomas A. IN Rush 1837 Nov 25
Barkeloo John Lockert Mary AR Pulaski 1838 Apr 18
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