Van Borculo Census Records -1850

Because you're researching a "Van Borculo" line, you've been directed to this page first, to help guide you through the maze of variant spellings you'll be encountering. Anyone not thoroughly familiar with the mind-boggling alliterations and cross-over spellings may easily hit an impasse trying to focus on one peculiar spelling, or stumble across multiple "candidates" and accidentally begin chasing the wrong branch, especially when it involves almost any New Jersey census.

Van Borculo lines, although fairly rare, will seldom allow neophytes to make quantum leaps before the Civil War Period, or as late as 1900. For those of us who agonized over the choices until hitting on specific clues, most defaulted to a habit of collecting all Barricklos, Barcalows, Barkalows, Barcklows,etc., for future review long before arriving at any conclusions.

To help avoid the same pitfalls we've experienced, I've prepared several examples to encourage those new to Van Borculo research to place less emphasis on the spelling while focusing more on locale, family names and specific data in order to accelerate success in finding your ancestor, particularly in New Jersey.

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census. It will not necessarily represent the current or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Township Pg. Occup/Value Wife/Children/Comments
Barkalow Daniel m 42 NJ Passaic Paterson 217 Lawyer,9000 Henrietta,40; John,15; Caroline,12;b.NJ; also Mary Swartout,77,NJ.
Burkalow Joseph H. m 34 NJ Burlington Chester 109 Miller/Farmer, Sarah,26; Anna P.,6; Elisha,4; Lydia,4; Hannah,4; John S.,3; Joseph,9m., all b. NJ.

Example 1: Daniel Barkalow(1808-1866) was a son of Christoffel Barkalow(1774-1860), who was the youngest son of Daniel Barricklo(1720-1801). Daniel's surname was most often spelled "Barcalow", but he is, nonetheless, a descendant of the Barricklow branch.

Example 2: Joseph H. Burkalow(1818-1888), was a son of Elisha Barcklow(1794-1866), who was the apparent son of Samuel Barcalow(c1760-p1830) of the Monmouth Co.,NJ., Barkalow branch. This misspelling was unusual, probably the result of careless penmanship by the census taker.

Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Township Pg. Occup/Value Wife/Children/Comments
Barcalow George W. m 49 NJ Somerset Franklin 303 Tanner,3000 Maria,41; Anna M.,15; Wm.H.,10; John S.,7, all b.NJ;
Barcklow John m 56 NJ Sussex Frankfort 270 Carpenter,--- Martha,55(b.NJ)

Example 3: George W. Barcalow(1800-1890), was a son of Farrington Barcalow(1771-1854), and grandson son of William Barricklo(c1746-1777). Also a Barricklow line.

Example 4: John Barcklow(1794-p1860), was the son of John Barkelow(c1756-p1830), a Bartlow line from Hunterdon Co.,NJ.

Barkalow 1850 Barkuloo 1850 Barricklow 1850 Bartlow 1850 Burklow 1850

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Despite having identified each specific branch family in advance, YOU, the researcher, may still need to check each branch in 1850 if you're not already sure to which branch your ancestors belong.

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