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A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the tombstone, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.


One of the two greatest concentrations of Barkuloo descendants in the country is located a few miles south of Minneapolis,Minnesota. The other is just to the east in Pierce Co.,Wisconsin.

Prior to making available its "Minnesota County Cemetery Records" database index of about a dozen Minnesota counties, I received a considerable amount of local help from Mary(Barkuloo)Riedesel and David Morehouse, Barkuloo line descendants and residents of the greater Minneapolis area, who extracted tombstone data from Dakota County cemeteries.

There are many more collateral non-surname bearing families buried in Dakota County cemeteries, such as McKinnie, Curry and others. Although not listed here, the data is easily available upon request.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barkuloo Charles T. MN Dakota Castle Rock Valley d.9 Mar 1870, 2mo.,21da. Sec.246,"removed from Farmington",with S.M.
Barkuloo Stephen M. MN Dakota Castle Rock Valley 1846-1870 "age-24yrs,9mo,1da.
Barkuloo Harmanus MN Dakota Castle Rock Valley d.5 Mar 1873, age-68yrs,8mo,15da. Sec.235,sp.Rebbecca Ann Thorne
Barkuloo Rebbecca Ann MN Dakota Castle Rock Valley d.2 Aug 1885,age-75yrs,1mo.,28da. Sec.235,sp.Harmanus.Par-S & H Thorne
Barkuloo Harmon W. MN Dakota Corinthian d.8 Oct 1876,age-35yrs,4mo. w/Harmon F. NW Sec.,
Barkuloo Harmon F. MN Dakota Corinthian b.12 Aug 1876, d.8 Jun 1883 NW Sec.,s/o H.W. & E.E.
Barkuloo Harry MN Red Wing Oakwood 1893-1958 Sec.R.,
Barkuloo Emma MN Red Wing Oakwood 1886-1959 Sec.R.,
Barkuloo Marcus MN Pope Lake Amelia 1845-1921 (s/o Charles)
Barkuloo Mary Agnes MN Pope Lake Amelia 1845-1923 (w/o Marcus)
Barkuloo Luella MN Waseca Janesville 2 Jan 1871 - 11 Jan 1871 Sec.A.,(inf.d/o William H. & Esther)
Barkuloo Joseph C. MN Koochiching Sault 1851-1909 (s/o Charles)
Barkuloo Karl MN Yellow Medicine Rock Valley 1911-1911 (s/o Jesse C.)


The other great concentration of Barkuloo descendants, besides Dakota Co.,MN., is in Pierce Co.,Wisconsin.

Collateral families with Barkuloo ancestry are also buried in various cemeteries within Pierce County. Some of those names are Booth, Bennett, Dumond, Kendall, and Goodier, among others. Most of this data is now available online.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barkuloo Charles WI Pierce Trenton b.11 Nov 1812, d.5 Sep 1876 s/o John(1778-1849)
Barkuloo Clarissa WI Pierce Trenton 1816-1894 nee Cox, d.17 Aug 1894
Barkuloo Charlotte WI Pierce Trenton 1856-1894 nee Funk, w/o Joseph C.
Barkuloo Alta R. WI Pierce Trenton 1878-1894 d/o Joseph & Charlotte
Barkuloo Charles Albert WI Pierce Laurel Presbyterian 1854-1904 s/o Charles(1812-1876)
Barkuloo Jane WI Pierce Laurel Presbyterian 1859-1932 nee Funk, w/o Charles A.

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