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Orphan lines, by assigned definition here, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation like bibles, church or probate records, to specifically identify parentage.

Abraham Barkuloo(c1722-1767),Richmond Co.,NY Barkuloo Lines


1. CORNELIUS BARKULOO, infant, is baptised 13 Oct 1747 in Northfield DR Church, parents: Abraham Barkuloo and Catrina Ellis. Catrina may be the same bapt.30 Aug 1724, the d/o Bastien Ellis and Sarah Nevius. This is the first appearance of Abraham Barkuloo, born about 1720, almost assuredly linked with the Van Borculo clan of Gravesend and New Utrecht,Kings Co.,Long Island,NY., but unconnected by early research of Mrs. John Spell.

2. GARRET BARKULOO, bapt. 28 Jul 1750, Northfield DR Ch., also a son of Abraham and Catrina(Ellis) Barkuloo.

3. CATRINA BARKULOO, bapt. 2 Nov 1754, Northfield DR Ch., a daughter of Abraham and Catrina(Ellis) Barkuloo. May be same who married Edward DeHart betw.1771-76.

4. ABRAHAM BARKULOO, is dead by 1 Jun 1767, based upon a Richmond Co.,NY court record. Catrina survives him.

5. CORNELIUS BARKULOO marries, circa 1770, Wyntie Corsen.

6. CORNELIUS BARKULOO is dead by 9 Jun 1783, when his wife, Wyntie is named in a Richmond Co.,NY Probate record. His children named are: Abraham, John, Catharine, Nicholas and Sarah, all minors.

7. GARRET BARKULOO, appears to be deceased by 1783, as he was not named as an heir of Abraham Barkeloo. Garret may be dead, but may have married and left heirs. It is believed Garret Barcalow, b.20 Feb 1780 - d. 12 Oct 1861, Churchville, Bucks Co.,PA., is a son of Garret Barkuloo of Richmond Co.,NY. Garret Barcalow eventually married Eleanor M. Hogeland(1781-1868), d/o Dirck Hogeland and Edith Bennet, of Hunterdon Co.,NJ., who moved across the Delaware River into Bucks County,PA prior to their daughter, Eleanor's baptism in the Bensalem DR Ch.

8. ABRAHAM BARKULOO,Jr.,b.c1770, marries 27 May 1792, Northfield DR Ch., Hannah Van Naame. Abraham's sister, Catharine Barkuloo(Kitty)(b.9 Jul 1775-d.22 May 1849) marries 16 Aug 1794, same church, Aaron Van Naame(1773-1839). Another sibling, Sarah(Sally) Barkuloo(b.30 Mar 1782) marries 29 May 1807, John Merrill(b.26 Oct 1785).

9. JOHN BARKULOO, b.c1772, marries about 1797, Mary Palmer(1776-d.27 Jan 1860). John's death is recorded as 16 Jul 1817. His widow, Mary, was allowed a $50 military pension award(#16,060) based upon John's service in the War of 1812.


As you can see, Abraham Barkuloo, father of Cornelius and Garret Barkuloo, remains unlinkable, as yet, to any specific early Barkuloo/Barkeloo line from either Richmond Co.,NY or Kings Co.,NY. Before 1747, there seems to be about a 30-year gap between the baptisms credited to descendants of Willem Willemse Van Barkeloo(b.c1665) of Flatbush as well as descendants of Jan Harmense Van Barkeloo(c1664) of New Utrecht.

In review of Mrs. Spell's research, Willem Willemse Van Barkeloo, born about 1665, Gravesend, Kings Co.,NY., married Anneke/Janneke Jurianse circa 1685. As members of the Flatbush DR Church, they had several children baptised: Jurrie(Catrina)(chr.20 Dec 1685); Barbara(chr.9 Jan 1687); and Elsje(chr.9 Sep 1688). A 4th child, Jan(John), baptised 4 May 1695 in the Brooklyn DR Church, is also credited to Willem and Janneke(Jurianse) Barkeloo. It is apparent that Willem W. Van Barkeloo's family was living in Hempstead, Queens Co.,NY in 1715 and that Willem was deceased. Unfortunately, further baptisms and references to Willem disappear from 1698 to 1715, a period in which Janneke could still have had children.

The case of Jan Harmense Van Barkeloo, born about 1664, New Utrecht, Kings Co.,NY is even more interesting and perhaps, coincidental to the Richmond Co.,NY orphan lines, though there's no record of him having any sons. Jan married a woman named Margaret(Grittie) circa 1683, and fathered at least four children: Willempje(Willia), Marytje(Mary), Anna, and Jannetje(Jane). The oldest daughter, Willia(b.c1683), married c.1710, Joris Nevius, and emigrated to Churchville, Bucks Co.,PA. Another daughter, Mary, married c1718, Abraham Zutphen, and was still living in Richmond County as late as 1731.

Jan H. Van Barkeloo, had been living with his step-father, Hans Harmensen(d.26 Oct 1700), since 1672. He probably continued to reside at home until at least age 21, or after 1685. His mother, Willempken, widow of Harmen Jans Lubberdinck van Borculo, died 28 Oct 1697 in Constable's Hook,NJ(now part of Bayonne,NJ.). On 6 Dec 1697, only five weeks after his mother's death, Jan Harmense Van Barkeloo acquired 80 acres of land on Staten Island on 6 Dec 1697. Assuming he intended to live there, baptisms of his daughters have not been found there or in NJ nor have their marriages been found among Richmond County records or researchable church records where one would expect them.

The problem here is the 1708 census, which names Jan's widow, and alludes to previously named daughters, but fails to suggest any surviving males. One would suspect the girls to all be minors living at home. They may have remained at home well into marriageable age to assist their mother after Jan's death, which occurred sometime between 1702-1708. Assuming a "conservative spread" of 3 years between the births of the four girls, their ages would be between 25(Willia) and, perhaps, as young as 16(Jane). Because they all seem to have been of marriageable age in 1708, it might easily be concluded that Jan died closer to 1702, thus making it difficult for the oldest daughters to consent to marriage without abandoning their widowed mother with minor daughters to support. Based on the marriages of three of Jan's daughters(if accurate), they were all in their mid to late 20's.

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