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Orphan lines, by assigned definition here, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation like bibles, church or probate records, to specifically identify parentage.

William Barkeloo(c1802-1837), of Little Rock,AR., probable desc. of Kings Co.,NY Barkuloo Lines


Most of the following excerpts were extracted from one of four volumes, Arkansas Newspaper Abstracts,1819-1845, James L. Morgan,1981.

1. WILLIAM BARKELOO, is the subject of an "Arkansas Gazette" death notice dated June 13,1837: "William Barkeloo, born Kentucky, died Friday June 9,1837, Little Rock; survived by wife and 2 children."(Morgan,Vol.I.p.3,"Obits & Deaths.")

2. FRANCES A. BARKELOO, 12 Jul 1837, appointed administratrix for William Barkeloo, deceased, "Pulaski Co.,Ark. Co. Times & Advocate." (Morgan,p.2,Vol.II.,"Probate & Chancery Notices.")

3. FRANCES A. BARKELOO, eleven weeks after William's death, is subject of her own death notice in the "Gazette"(Aug.29,1837) as well as the "Little Rock,AR Times & Advocate"(Aug.28,1837):"Mrs. Frances A. Barkeloo, in 32nd year, widow of William, died last Friday, Aug.25,1837."(Vol.I,p.3,"Obits & Deaths.")

4. JOHN R. BARKELOO,24 Oct 1837, appointed administrator of William and Frances A. Barkeloo, deceased,"Pulaski Co.,Ark.Times & Advocate(Oct.30,1837)."(Vol.II,p.2,"Probate & Chancery Notices.")

5. JOHN BARKELOO,18 Apr 1838, marries Mary Lockert in Pulaski Co.,AR.,as listed in "Early Arkansas Marriages Before 1850".

6. HENRY F. SHAW, Little Rock, guardian of Sophronia W. and Thomas A. Barkeloo, minor heirs; rent of dwelling of deceased, William Barkeloo, now occupied by John R. Barkeloo,"Ark. Times & Advocate",Mar.4,1839(also Mar.22,1841, Mar.7,1842); "Pulaski Co.,Ark.Gazette",Dec.30,1844.(Morgan,p.2,"Probate & Chancery Notices.")

7. JOHN R. BARKELOO, is listed as the Pulaski County Door Keeper in a published roster of Arkansas House of Representatives. No age, place of birth given.("Arkansas Gazette", Dec.21,1842.) (Morgan,p.147,"Bio Notes").

8. Miller vs. BARKELOO,1848,Jan.Term,Pulaski Co., Circuit Court,(8 ARK 318)- George C. Miller moved to set aside John R. Barkeloo's judgment. Henry F. Shaw, Lorenzo Gibson & Richard Coulter were Miller's securities. Judgment- "Refused."(p.74,"Abstracts of Arkansas Reports,Jan.1837 thru Jan.1861",Joan Taunton,1988.)

9. MARY J. BARKLOO, age 30(c1820), born in Arkansas, appears in the 1850 Fed. Census of Arkansas, Pulaski Co.,Little Rock(taken 13 Dec.1850), with daughter, Mary J. Jr.,age 11,b.AR. This is probably Mary (Lockert) Barkeloo, widow of John R. Barkeloo. Both are residing with family of (474/474) Henry F. Shaw,44,b.D.C.,carpenter; his wife,Nancy(Bland) Shaw,27,AR., and their son, William B. Shaw,13,AR.(deaf & dumb).

10. BARKELOO's Heirs vs. Mayor & Alderman of Little Rock,1851,Jul.Term,Pulaski Co., Circuit Court,(12 ARK 118)- Minor heirs of Barkeloo petition for supersedas of order to sell certain lots owned by them in Little Rock. Proceeds of the sale were to pay expenses of paving sidewalk in front of lots. Judgment- "Granted."(Taunton,p.113.)


William Barkeloo(d.June 9,1837), seems destined to be a descendant of the family of Harmanus J. Barkeloo of Wayne Twp.,Butler Co.,OH., who died suddenly in Aug.1822, leaving a large family, some of whom were claimed to have returned to their Brooklyn,NY stamping grounds with their mother,Elsie(Van Brunt) Barkeloo. This now seems to have been speculation, especially since the recent discovery of Harmanus' will, dated 30 Apr 1822. Most, if not all, of the children appear to have remained in Ohio, including a son, Jacques Barkeloo, b.May 18,1798,NY., who appears to be the same in Campbell Co.,KY tax records in 1819-21. A William Barkeloo was named in the will of Harmanus J. Barkuloo, along with sons, Jacques, Abraham and Harmonius, and daughters, Catherine Ann, Mariah, Sarah, and Jane.

William's widow, Frances A. Barkeloo, "died Aug.25,1837, in her 32nd year", making her birthyear about 1805. As yet, a marriage record has not been found for William and Frances. One would surmise John R. Barkeloo(c1819-a1848), appointed administrator only after the death of the widow, to be either a son or younger brother of William. For John to be a son of William would put a damper on Frances being John's mother, as she would have to have been about age fourteen at marriage, and at John's birth.

The two minor heirs of William were identified as Sophronia W. and Thomas A. Barkeloo, the latter of whom must be the same found in San Antonio,Bexar Co.,Texas in 1850, age 19, born(1831) in Kentucky, and enumerated with wagonmaster,William H. Pearson. Thomas A. Barkelow,age 50, was still living in Shelby Co.,TX in 1880. He admits to being born in Kentucky, but claims his father was born in Ohio, his mother in Kentucky. Thomas was about age six when both his parents died. It is only slightly possible that Thomas' father(William) could have been born in Ohio, as opposed to being born in New York. If William was fairly close in age to his wife, Frances, then an Ohio birthplace is possible, but still not probable, and it would dispel any relationship of William and John being father/son, but more likely brothers, uncle/nephew, or even close cousins. Assuming Frances Barkeloo to be Thomas and Sophronia's birth mother would not require imagination as Frances would have been about age 24 at the time of her marriage to William. The marriage must have occurred around 1830, possibly a year or so earlier.

There are actually two candidates among the NY Barkeloo clan to be considered here. The initial requirement seems to be emigration to KY or OH near Cincinnati after 1800 and before 1820. Another requirement is that the children of said candidates must not already be known, and their ages must exhibit some relationship to census data assumed to be that of their parents, or, in this case, the alleged parental candidates.

Harmanus J. Barkeloo(c1775-1822) appears in his last census(p.71,1820, Wayne Twp.,Butler Co.,OH) as "Harman Barklow" with 10 children(221101-31010). It has been claimed by LDS patrons of this line that Harmanus and Elsie(Van Brunt) Barkeloo had as many as 15 children. Having finally seen the probate record identifying this family, it can be concluded there were numerous childhood or infant deaths prior to Harmanus' own death. At least two or three appear to have died between the 1820 census and his 1822 death.

Jacques J. (Jacob) Barkeloo(1780-1853) appears in the same 1820 census(p.141,Columbia Twp.,Hamilton Co.,OH.) with seven children(100210-31010), with an enormous gap between two sons, age 18-26, and the youngest son, age 0-10. Because Jacob was born in 1780, the older males could not likely be his sons if born before 1798, so one would therefor suspect they were born between 1798-1802. Could one of the oldest boys be William Barkeloo(d.1837), and the youngest be John R. Barkeloo(a1820-c1847), of Little Rock,Arkansas? In 1850, Jacob Barkeloo appears to have two of his children still living at home: a daughter, Sarah,age 32(b.1818,OH.); and a son, Jacob,age 41(b.1809,NY.). If Jacob(the younger) is the son of Jacob and Mary(Pearsall) Barkeloo, then he should have been listed in the 1820 census as a 10-16 year-old. If his father gave his age as "not quite 10 years" in 1820, then John R. Barkeloo of Little Rock could only be one of Jacob Barkeloo,Sr's sons if born after 1820.

Apparently, an LDS researcher and descendant of Jacob,Sr. discovered a list of Jacob's children or, at least the names of some of them, which were recorded as Cornelia, Thomas P., Jacques(Jacob), Mary Ann, Nancy, Harriett and Sarah. Mary(Pearsall) Barkeloo, age 65(b.NY) was still living in 1850, and in 1830 showed as having two more daughters,age 5-10(b.1820-25), and another 0-5(b.1825-30). Sarah(b.1818,OH) does not appear to be her last child, unless she took in children of a deceased brother or sister.

What is unusual about the 1830 census data is the absence of any sons among Jacob's children. Thomas P. Barkeloo(1808-1873) is married and living next door. There is no sign of the two older "males" born between 1794-1802. Were they Jacob's by a wife previous to Mary Pearsall, or, sons of a deceased brother or sister?

The tax lists used to reconstruct the lost 1810 Ohio census do not show any Barkeloo's in OH by 1810. Any land deeds of Hamilton County would have been destroyed in 1813 when soldiers set the courthouse on fire while it was being used as a barracks during the War of 1812. In 1819, it was rebuilt, but destroyed again by fire in 1849.

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