Barricklow Cemetery Records - 1

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the compiled cemetery record, perhaps directly from the headstone, or from the sextan's burial records or funeral home records. It does not necessarily represent the more current or common spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

OHIO COUNTY Cemeteries w/Barricklows

Most of the data on this page came from a compilation entitled, "Ohio Counties Cemeteries",D.R. Dorrell,1981, which was purchased by me at Mr. Dorrell's home in June,1983. The footnotes do not necessarily represent quotes from the headstones.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barricklow Albert IN OHIO Cedar Hedge "1878-1949" Plot no.3."James Albert",s/o Hiram
Barricklow Mary IN OHIO Cedar Hedge "1875-xxx" Plot no.3. w/o Albert, nee Liggett
Barricklow Julia IN OHIO Union d.Jun.30,1836 age-8mo. Plot no.6
Barricklow Jane IN OHIO Union "1842-1930" Plot no.8. w/o John, nee Nelson
Barricklow Abraham IN OHIO Salem Oct.9,1825 - Mar.24,1914 88y.,5m.,14d. s/o Edward & Julia(Peasley)
Barricklow Charlotte IN OHIO Salem Sept.3,1831 - Feb.18,1917 w/o Abraham. d/o Henry & Mary(Lotton)
Barricklow Sarah Ann IN OHIO Salem 2-5-37, 2-4-68 31y,9d.,d/o Hiram
Barricklow Daniel IN OHIO Salem Sept.8,1827 - Aug.1894 s/o John & Mary(Emerson)
Barricklow Mary A. IN OHIO Salem Oct.11,1832 - Jun.19,1921 w/o Daniel. nee Wells
Barricklow Charles E. IN OHIO Salem Oct.5,1860 - Mar.29,1883 s/o John & Lucy
Barricklow John W. IN OHIO Salem Feb.5,1831 - Nov.17,1904 73y.9m.2d. s/o John & Mary(Emerson)
Barricklow Lucy IN OHIO Salem Mar.10,1839 - May 5,1872 w/o John. nee Richardson
Barricklow Mary Ann IN OHIO Salem Jan.17,1867 - Jun.8,1872 d/o John & Lucy
Barricklow Joseph IN OHIO Salem Nov.5,1865,1yr.2m.9d son of John & Lucy
Barricklow John IN OHIO Salem Aug.13,1800 - Sep.10,1873 s/o Daniel
Barricklow Mary A. IN OHIO Salem "1858-1887" d/o A.J. & Nancy
Barricklow Mary Ann IN OHIO Salem Oct.5,1806 - Jul.19,1887 w/o John. nee Emerson
Barricklow Farrington IN OHIO Salem Apr.16,1777 - Oct.29,1861 84y.6m.16d
Barricklow Elizabeth IN OHIO Salem Jan.19,1799 - Jul.18,1879 80y.5m.29d. w/o Farrington. nee Perkins
Hannah Meribah B. IN OHIO Salem Sept.13,1811 - June 1889 w/o Wm. J. d/o Daniel Barricklow
Hannah William I./J. IN OHIO Salem Sept.13,1880, 76y.5m.29d. h/o Meribah(Barricklow)
Barricklow Andrew Jackson IN OHIO Salem 10-2-1825, 1-10-1911, 85y.3m.8d. s/o John & Mary(Emerson)
Barricklow Nancy IN OHIO Salem 5-10-1826, 1-4-1907, 80y.7m.24d. w/o A.J. d/o John & Margaret(Warnock)Oglevee
Barricklow Hiram IN OHIO River View 3-3-1829, 9-4-1902, 73y.6m.1d. s/o John & Mary(Emerson)
Barricklow Sarah Elizabeth IN OHIO River View 8-18-1839, 1-13-1916, 76y.4m.26d. d/o Thomas W. & Mildred(Rice) Pate
Barricklow Infant IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell no dates d/o Wm. and --?--
Barricklow James S. IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell Sept.29,1845, 21y.,11m.,17d. s/o Conrad & Mary
Barricklow Cooroad IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell d.Apr.10,1802 "died in Fiett Co.,PA"
Barricklow Sarah IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell Aug.25,1826, 86y.,11m.,21d. wife of Conrad.
Hannah Sarah IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell Nov.5,1844, 9y.,1m.,9d. d/o Wm.I. & Meribah
Barricklow John IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell Sept.4,1831, 5y.,1m.,13d. "s/o Jane & Coonroad"
Barricklow Infant IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell no dates d/o Henry & Mary
Barricklow Daniel IN OHIO Carpenter/Birdzell Mar.14,1827, 56y.,4m.,13d. s/o Conrad(1742-1802)

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