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NOTE: The personal information requested on registration cards tended to differ slightly from state to state, county to county. In addition, some of the cards are faded, out of focus and therefore "hard to read". Missing items will reflect one or both conditions and the fact the registrar did not record certain data. They are listed as ("n.rec"), or ("n.r.")

The signature spelling sometimes differed from the registrar's, e.g., from "Louis" to "Lewis". Ancestry's database is indexed by the registrar's spelling. In those cases, I will use the individual's spelling. All "1917" and "1918" Registration years are represented by only two dates, Jun 5,1917, or, Sept.12,1918.

Abbreviations: Wh=White; Cau=Caucasian; M=Medium; sht=short; sle=slender; stt=stout; br=brown; l.blu=light blue; drk=dark; brown; blk=black

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Lastname First Middle Age YOB M/D Rac Occ. Nr.Rela. Ht Bld Eye Hair Dis. Reg. County ST Residence Comment:
Barricklo James,Sr. Reune 45 1872 Nov 26 Wh Mgr. Import & Export Louise Juliet 6' n.r. blu no 1918 San Francisco CA San Francisco "small scar on upper lip
Barricklo Joseph Elmer 37 1881 Mar 01 Wh Sales Off. Assist. Amy Francis tall M blu br no 1918 San Francisco CA San Francisco res- 642 4th Ave., S.F.
Barricklo William Howard 30 1886 Oct 24 Wh Cleaning & Pressing wife sht M grey light no 1917 Hamblen TN Morristown b.Atlanta,GA.
Barricklow Ralph H. 26 1891 Feb 19 Cau unemployed wife sht stt blu blk no 1917 Arkansas AR Stuttgart b.Dewitt,AR. "ruptured"
Barricklow Harry H. 21 1896 Jul 04 n.r. F.W. Woolworth's W.R.(fa.) M M br no 1918 Jefferson AR Pine Bluff b.Stuttgart,AR.
Barricklow Leland Lecil 18 1900 Jul 28 Wh school boy Wm. Rogers Barricklow M M br blk no 1918 Jefferson AR Pine Bluff res- 1904 E. 6th Ave.
Barricklow Edward Ned 45 1873 Mar 11 Wh Farm'g Ida M M br br no 1918 Coles IL Arcola "one eye"
Barricklow Hiram Heart 41 1876 Oct 31 Wh Farmer Emma Leota tall M blu br no 1918 Coles IL Arcola none
Barricklow Samuel Elias 44 1874 May 19 Wh Farmer Cora Maud M stt gray br no 1918 Coles IL Arcola none
Barricklow John K. 28 1888 Aug 21 Cau RR Clerk wife M sle br no 1917 Cook IL Chicago b.Urbana,IL., IL Cent. RR
Barricklow George Pate 45 1873 Feb 21 Wh Farmer Ida Belle M sle grey blk no 1918 Douglas IL Arcola self-employed
Barricklow Harry Ross 33 1885 Mar 28 Wh Exibitor Ardis tall sle gray br no 1918 Douglas IL Arcola works in Oakland,IL.
Barricklow Carl Edward 20 1898 Mar 29 Wh Machinist Grace sht M blu blk no 1917 Fayette IL Brownstown IL Pipe Line, Montrose,IL.
Barricklow Arlie Henry 36 1882 Apr 05 Wh Farm'g Elizabeth M M gray blk no 1917 Montg'ry IL Coffeen none
Barricklow Ernest E. 26 1890 Oct 21 Cau Electrical worker wife M M gray no 1917 Montg'ry IL Hillsboro res- 832 St. Louis St.
Barricklow Harry Stephen 25 1892 Jan 16 Cau Electrical Lineman wf.& ch. M sle gray blk no 1917 Montg'ry IL Hillsboro b.Fillmore Tp.,IL.
Barricklow Lowell - 21 1895 Dec 02 Cau Farmer wf.& ch. tall sle grey no 1917 Montg'ry IL Hillsboro b.Fillmore Tp.
Barricklow William Dora 44 1874 Jul 23 Wh Farm Laborer Eliz. M. M M gray blk no 1918 Montg'ry IL Coffeen self-employed
Barricklow Walter Raleigh 35 1883 Jan 16 Wh Mgr. Skat'g rink Margt. A.(mo.) M M n.r. n.r. no 1918 Putnam IL Granville self-employed
Barricklow Forrest Abraham 18 1900 Aug 13 Wh Farm'g Abraham(fa.) M M blu no 1918 Dearborn IN Aurora father's res- Dabney,IL.
Barricklow Hiram - 27 1890 Apr 21 Cau Farm'g wife tall M br br no 1917 Decatur IN Greensburg b.Ohio Co.,IN.
Barricklow Arlie Campbell 29 1887 Dec 01 Cau Wire draver wife M stt br br no 1917 Montg'ry IN Crawfords-ville b.Waynetown,IN. "in debt on property"
Barricklow John Elmer 42 1876 Feb 01 Wh Farmer Mrs. Mary M stt blu drk no 1918 Montg'ry IN Waynetown self-employed
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