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Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARKELOW, James, of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co.,Intestate

1780, Aug.19, Administratrix- Jane Barkelow. Fellowbondsmen: Henry Stoll and John Sherrard, all of said place. Witnesses- Jan Barkeloo and John Hanna,Jr.

1780, Jun.1, Inventory, (in pounds,shillings and pence) 11.45.5, made by Henry Stoll and John Sherrard. NJA(1st Series:1771-1780),Vol.34,p.34.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARKELOO, Jan, of Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co.,Will of

1792, Feb.28, Nephew, James Vanetten, 26 acres with buildings at easternmost end of plantation; also, one sorrel mare, one cow, one waggon and harness, one plough and harrow, one feather bed, one pine chest and one large cupboard. Nephew, John Bonnell, 50 acres at westernmost end of plantation; also one brown colt. Rest to be sold and proceeds equally divided between brothers and sisters(not named). Executors- Richard Opdyke and William Lowrey. Witnesses- Joseph Sherred, Hugh Menagh, and Michael Stack.

1792, Mar.12,CODICIL. Nephew, James Vanetten, one fowling piece, one black walnut table, six chairs and clothing. Also use of whole plantation until John Bonnell is 21. Witnesses- William McGill and Joseph Sherred. Proved- May 1,1792.

1792, Apr.26, Inventory, (in pounds,shillings and pence) 83.18.1-1/2, made by John Vorhis and Henry Scott. NJA(1st Series:1771-1780),Vol.36,p.

Calendar of Wills - New Jersey Archives

BARCALO, Cornelius, of Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co.,Will of

1806, Jul.7, Wife, Provey, $350 (from sale of my lands); also two cows and household furniture, in lieu of her dower. To my five children,i.e., James, Cornelius, Isaac, Phebe(wife of William Beam), and Mary, $50., and residue to be divided between them. To John Strimple(son of Margaret Smith), $25 to be put to interest for his schooling until 21. Lands to be sold. Executor- friend, George Larison. Witnesses- Richard Opdycke, Zekiel Rose, Hermon Barkeloo. Proved- Aug.6,1806.

1806,Jul.31, Inventory- $485.77; made by Richard Opdycke & Andrew Larason.(NJA,Vol.40,p.22.)(1st Series:1806-1810).

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