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Orphan lines, by definition, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation such as bibles, church or probate records, to specifically identify parentage.

WILLIAM BARTLOW(bef.1790-c1821-25)


1. WILLIAM BARTLOW married in Knox Co.,IN., 25 Jun 1810, Elizabeth Odley/Odle.

2. WILLIAM BARTLOW> married 6 Oct 1817, Knox Co.,IN., Sarah(Sally) THIXTON, d/o John Thixton,Jr. and Charlotte Bass, suggesting Elizabeth(Odley) Bartlow must have died between 1810-1817.

3. JOHN W. BARTLOW was born 27 Sep 1821, in Indiana, supposedly Knox Co., and lived there all his life, dying 17 Jan 1879, in Harrison Twp.

4. Sarah(Thixton) BARTLOW, widow of William Bartlow, married 20 Oct 1825, Knox Co.,IN., William A. BALDWIN. Baldwin Family records show William Anderson Baldwin(1805-1848), s/o Joseph and Martha(Clendennen)Baldwin, as being from the Garrard/Woodford/Fayette Co.,KY area, raising the possibility the Knox Co.,IN Bartlows are tied to the William Bartlow/Barklow who appeared in Lexington,KY tax lists in 1800 and 1806. The William Barkelow(over 45yrs) in the 1810 census of Lexington,KY shows only one son under 10 years, but is certainly old enough to have a son in his 20's somewhere in the region.

5. JOHN W. BARTLOW, marries 15 Feb 1845, Knox Co.,IN., Sophia Like, b. Nov 1823,Knox Co.,IN, daughter of one of the Like families said to be living in Knox Co. before 1820.

6. JOHN W. BARTLOW,age,28,IN., Labourer, is listed in the 1850 Federal Census(p.182,403/403,taken 7 Aug) of Knox Co.,IN with wife, Sophia,25,IN., and two children, William,3,IN; and daughter,Ann E.,4 months.


The real orphan considered here should probably be John W. Bartlow, who died 17 Jan 1879, Harrison Twp., Knox Co.,IN., apparently having spent his entire life within a few miles of Vincennes. The "W" as a middle initial could well stand for "William". John's first born son, named William, adds some credibility to his father being the William Bartlow who married Elizabeth Odley in 1810, same county. Actually, the 1817 marriage of Sally Thixton to William Bartlow has added more substance to a connection because family records link Sally as the "Sally Bartlow", widow, who married William A. Baldwin in 1825. John W. Bartlow, a toddler when his father died, would thereafter have been raised by William Baldwin, making the naming of John W.'s oldest son a matter of conjecture as to whom John was actually honoring, his father, whom he never knew, or his stepfather.

I feel we can be fairly certain we're talking about the same William Bartlow who married twice in Knox County between 1810-1817, and, because he can also be linked to the widow, Sally(Thixton) Bartlow, who married William Baldwin in 1825, it should establish William Bartlow as a locatable resident of Knox Co.,Indiana in the 1820 Federal Census. Unfortunately, he has not been found.

John W. Bartlow's birthdate is given as 27 Sep 1821, almost 14 months after the date upon which the census of 1820 was based(but not necessarily taken), which was the first Monday in August.

Also based upon John's birthdate, it's apparent William and Sally(Thixton) Bartlow were at least consummating their marriage around New Year's Day,1821, less than five months after the census. As easily deduced as that was, it still begs the question, "Where were they enumerated when the 1820 census was taken?" Were they residing with William's in-laws, or were they "in transit"? If living with her parents, the Odley's(William's first wife), William Bartlow would not be listed as the "head of the family". If in transit, where were they heading?

In addition to the census query, the identification of Bartlows in early Knox Co.,IN marriages cannot be completed until it is determined what relation the Jacob Bartlow is who married Kitty Harman on 17 Mar 1811. Was Jacob a brother, a father, or a cousin to William?

As mentioned, William Baldwin(1805-1848) is connected to the Garrard/Fayette Co.,KY Baldwin's, leading one to postulate a possible connection between the William Bartlow of Knox Co.,IN and the William Bartlow/Barklow who appears in tax records in Lexington, Fayette Co.,KY in 1800 and 1806 as well as the Federal Census of 1810. There are also Bartlow widows listed in censuses from 1820 to 1850 in the neighboring counties of Woodford and Franklin, just outside Lexington.

William Bartlow, having married in 1810, would automatically suggest a 1790 or earlier birthyear. The William Barkelow in 1810 Fayette Co.,KY, if the head of the family, is over 45 years of age(b.before 1765). His wife is also listed as over 45 years. All five children residing with them, 4 females and one male, are quite young. Three of the girls and the one male are under 10 years, suggesting the parents either started a family while in their thirties, or, they're caring for grandchildren, children of a deceased son or daughter. In 1820, Margaret Bartlow of Woodford Co.,KY meets the perfect statistical profile to be the widow of William Barkelow of 1810 Fayette County. The Barkelow to Barklow to Bartlow alliterative transition is almost a sure profile of a Hunterdon Co.,NJ branch line.

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