Bartlow/Barklow Orphan Lines

You've been linked to the Bartlow Orphan Line Page because the person you selected to investigate may have already been researched and his branch-line identification assured by circumstantial evidence provided herein. If you think you need more background to determine whether your specific Barklow ancestor is a Bartlow or a Barkalow, then click on either link: Bartlow/Barklow, or, Barkalow/Barklow. I would suggest you explore both, if you're not sure.

Orphan lines, by definition, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation such as bibles, church or probate records. In some cases, lineage can be reasonably assured by other kinds of evidence, not just an obvious spelling "similarity" with one of the five major branches. Unfortunately, those who are quick to accept data from GEDCOM generated online databases have already propagated numerous unqualified connections, and need to amend their records to include ample("??") question marks, or footnotes, to remind other researchers their data is still not documented. Because I've seen some of my "best guesses" appear as assumed fact, I'm hoping this feature will resolve some of the problems by alerting those who want to be sure their footnoted sources depict fact, and not supposition based on the assumed accuracy of proliferated GEDCOM files.

Some Bartlow Orphan Line Links

Cornelius Bartlow (1811-1889) William Bartlow (a1790-c1823) Wm./John Bartlow (c1800-a1859)
William Bartlow (a1760-c1815) Barnet Barkelow (1730-c1800) James Bartlow (c1796-p1860)
William Bartlow (1820-1906) Nathan Bartlow (1832-1896) Benjamin Barkelow (c1762-c1808)
Amos Bartlow (1820-p1870)

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