Bartlow Orphan Lines - 3

Orphan lines, by assigned definition here, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation like bibles, church or probate records, to specifically identify parentage.

William/John Barklow(1800-a1859)of Sunbury,PA.


1. JOHN BARTLOW, in an apparent bible or Farnsworth Family record marries 13 Oct 1830, Susan Farnsworth(1810,PA-p1880,IL), d/o John Farnsworth of Northumberland Co.,PA.

2. WILLIAM BARTLOW, Boatman, age 50, appears on p.214(202/212,15 Aug) of the 1850 Federal Census, Sunbury, Northumberland Co.,PA with Susan,40,PA., and five children: William,16; Mary,12; John,9; Robert,6; Cornelius,1,all born in PA. Is he John William Bartlow or William John Bartlow?

3. SUSAN BARTLOW,widow, age 50, appears on p.625 of the 1860 Federal Census, Sunbury, Northumberland Co.,PA., with two sons, John(19) and Robbert(16), both "boatmen". They are enumerated with Catharine Withington,72,b.PA., relationship unknown.

4. SUSAN BARTLOW,widow, age 60, appears on p.270 of the 1870 Federal Census, Ward-6, Joliet, Will Co.,IL., with one of her sons, William,38,PA. and his family. It was apparent that William Bartlow, s/o John and Susan, emigrated to Illinois during the period 1861-1864.

5. SUSAN BARTLOW,widow, age 70, appears on p.293(304/327,14 Jun) of the 1880 Federal Census, Joliet, Will Co.,IL., with one of her sons, William(47,PA., his wife,Mary,38,IL. and his family, all born in Illinois.)


Even with an exact marriage date and the discovery of this family still in the Sunbury,PA area 20 years later, it has not been an easy line to connect, let alone document. One might assume from proximity that the line may be connected to Cornelius Bartlow(1760-1833) of Lycoming County. But, John(from Farnsworth records) or William(from census records) has also left us wondering what Christian name he preferred to be called. The order of naming his sons: William, John, Robert and Cornelius, has only served to confuse matters somewhat. His 2nd son may have been named after his father-in-law, but was the first son named after his father?

He appears to be too old to be a son of John(c1785-a1833), son of Cornelius(1760-1833) of Lycoming County. Because William/John Bartlow(1800-a1859) was a boatman, he could have been a son of William Bartlow of Shippensburg,PA., a descendant of Barnet Barklow(1730-c1800).

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