Bartlow Orphan Lines - 5

Orphan lines, by assigned definition here, can be any lines with ancestral OR descendancy connection problems. They will invariably lack hard evidentiary documentation like bibles, church or probate records, to specifically identify parentage.

Barklows of Shippensburg,PA., Descendants of Barnet Barklow(1730-1800)


1. BARNET BARCKLO, appears in the 1790 Federal Census of Franklin Co.,PA. He shows 7 children, including 5 sons, three of them over 16 years. With a son or two in his 20's, Barnet has to be over 40 and therefor born before 1750. This means he is likely the same Barent Barkeloo baptised in Readington DR Church, Hunterdon Co.,NJ., 24 May 1730, because he could not be his son. New Jersey tax records show him as a non-farmer, rarely owning more than an acre of land, intimating he is the school teacher other records suggest. He probably married in his late 20's or early 30's, or between 1755-1765, while still in NJ.

2. BARNET BARTLOW, in 1789, appears in a Northumberland County tax list in Potter Mills Township, now in Centre County just west of its border with Union County. He does not appear in succeeding lists, suggesting he died or, like many settlers in the area, chose to flee to the fort at Sunbury, or back down the Susquehanna at that time Indian attacks began getting serious. Based on the deduction he may the same Barnet in the 1790 census of Franklin County, the later conclusion seems more logical.

3. BARNET BARKLOW is among those caught in an early tax list(1794) in Lycoming County. He was listed alongside William Barklow(1755-1813) and Cornelius Bartlow(1760-1833), brothers who married Schamp sisters while still in Hunterdon Co.,NJ., before moving to PA about 1787. William and Cornelius initially settled near Gettysburg and would have remained there until at least 1793, when the Barklow group moved their families up the Susquehanna, probably at the same time. Megginness' History of Lycoming County refers to a Barnet Barklow as a teacher who died while quite young. The 1800 census of Lycoming Co.,PA., initially listed a Bernard Barklow, whose name was crossed out and a barely decipherable shorthand comment inserted suggesting he was not qualified to be enumerated as a head of household. It seems to read,"Son Wm enum[erated] or Bo he to his son." Since William Barklow(1755-1813) did not mention heirs in his 1813 will, but shows two males living with him, ages 16-26 yrs, and a boy age 0-10, in the 1800 census, it can be assumed either they all died, or they were not his own sons. If they weren't sons of William, one or both would likely be nephews, as opposed to cousins. This could suggest a stronger genetic tie to Barnet Barklow,Sr.(1730-1800) between William and Cornelius, although the naming of a son, Bernard(Barnet), might only illustrate the brothers knew their grandmother's surname(Barentsen) to be the origin of their uncle Barnet's given name. Or, they chose to name a son after their Uncle Barnet, who may have been their teacher when they were growing up in New Jersey.

4. BARNET BARKLOW is listed on p.278 of the 1800 Federal Census of Cumberland Co.,PA., Southampton Twp. with three sons. If that is not Barnet Barklow,Sr.(b.1730), then it must be Barnet Barklow,Jr. and the other three males residing with him are his brothers because Barnet,Jr. died in 1824 without heirs.

5. JOHN BARTLOW, is enumerated in the same township in 1800 as Barnet. John is at least 26 yrs. old(b. before 1774) and has only one child, a female(under 10 yrs.).

6. JOHN BARTLOW appears on p.96 of the 1810 Federal Census of Cumberland Co.,PA. with 3 daughters under 10 years, and one son under 10 years. The lone son may be William Bartlow, b.c1800/01,PA, who remains in the Shippensburg area with his wife, Anna, until his death during the 1870's.

7. BARNEY BARTLOW is listed on p.117 of the Federal Census of 1820, Southampton Township, but on the Franklin County side of the border. Because Barnet Bartlow,Jr. did not name a wife or children in his will(only three brothers and a sister), it can be assumed Barnet is the oldest male(over 45yrs.)(b.before 1775) and head of that household: his brother, Absalom, is the 26-45 yr-old(b.1785); and the 10-16 yr.old male is a son of his deceased brother, John, or, his deceased sister, Catharine(Barklow) Durboraw(widow of Thomas). The female over 45 yrs listed would be Polly Bartlow, the widow of James, who began staying with Absalom just before Barnet's death in 1824, and was provided for in Barnet's will.


There are actually numerous orphan descending lines of Barnet Barkelow(c1730-c1800) of Shippensburg,PA., because he did not leave a will, and a probate record has not been found in either Cumberland or Franklin County to help confirm the identity of his children. Tax records suggest Barnet Barklow,Sr. died around 1800, or no longer assumed the role as the taxpaying head of household.

The will of Barnet Bartlow(Jr?), who died in Sept.,1824, gave us the names of three brothers, Absalom(single), James and John, the latter two of whom were deceased by 1824, James before 1800. Barnet specifically identifies James' widow as Polly Bartlow, who was living with Absalom Bartlow as of 1824. Barnet's will also specifies that John Bartlow left children, but did not intimate James and Polly had any to support or bequeath.

Absalom Bartlow died in 1842, having finally married betw.1824-1830 a woman named Catharine, but left no heirs. John Bartlow appears for the last time in the 1810 census with four children, one son and three daughters, all born between 1800-1810. John was born after 1765, but before 1774, probably between 1770-1774.

James Bartlow, would logically have been Barnet,Sr's. oldest son, named for his paternal grandfather and Barnet,Sr's chief benefactor, James Barkelow(c1698-1780) of Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co.,NJ. James Bartlow may have been born about 1760 and, as mentioned, died in the late 1790's. He appeared in some Franklin County court records in the mid-1790's on the wrong side of the law.

William Bartlow, b. circa 1800/01, married Anna Jane --?--. William died in Shippensburg about 1875 as the oldest survivor of this branch still living in the area. A cousin, Absalom Bartlow(1794-1871) moved to Ohio in 1817, eventually settling in Mahaska Co.,IA., about 1857. Barnet,Jr. died without issue, another brother Absalom(1785-1842) also died without issue, and their brother, James, died before 1800, probably without issue, it leaves John as the likely parent of the aforementioned William Bartlow(1800-c1875).

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