Burklow Cemetery Records - 1

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the compiled cemetery record, perhaps directly from the headstone, or from the sextan's burial records or funeral home records. It does not necessarily represent the more current or common spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.


KENT COUNTY Cemeteries w/Van Burkalows

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Vanburkalow Moses S. DE KENT Dover M.E. Ch. b.1-20-1831 - d.3-6-1892 2nd ref: d. Mar 6th, 1892, 61-1-16
Vanburkalow Margaret M. DE KENT Dover M.E.Ch. b.2-5-1833 - d.6-9-1888 2nd ref: d. June 9th, 1888, 55-4-4, w/o Moses
Vanburkalow Mrs.Ruth Ann DE KENT Dover M.E. Ch. b.12-21-1809 - d.7-2-1861 2nd ref: "M. Ruth"
Vanburkalow John Caleb DE KENT Dover M.E. Ch. b.10-22-1861 - d.12-19-1862 2nd ref: d. Dec.19, 1862, 4-4-27, s/o M.S. & M.M.
Vanburkalow Daniel DE KENT Dover M.E. Ch. b.12-31-1851 - d.10-27-1867 2nd ref: d. Oct.27, 1867, 15-9-27, d/o M.S. & M.M.
Register Mary VanBurkleo DE KENT Dover M.E. Ch. b.9-27-1802 - d.2-11-1865 w/o Francis
Register Francis DE KENT Dover M.E. Ch. b.4-15-1796 - d.1-30-1865 h/o Mary VanBurkleo Register
Vanburkalow Elizabeth DE KENT Camden Meth. b.7-8-1795 - d.8-9-1862 w/o William
Van Burkalow James Turley DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. "1827-1909" Sec.2; Chaplain, US.Army (1862-1865). h/o Phoebe
Van Burkalow Phoebe Eliz. DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. "1840-1909" Sec.2; nee Maine, w/o Rev. James
Van Burkalow Victor DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.5-15-1877 - d.1-5-1878 Sec.2; s/o J.T. & P.E.
Van Burkalow May DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.7-6-1879 - d.7-13-1880 Sec.2; d/o J.T. & P.E.
Van Burkalow Mary L. DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.1-12-1882 - d.10-6-1964 Sec.2; s/o J.T. & P.E.
VanBurkalow William DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.no date - d.1896 Sec.4;
VanBurkalow Sarah C. DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.no date - d.1897 Sec.4;
VanBurkalow Sallie C. DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.9-27-1863 - d.12-26-1866 Sec.4; s/o Wm.W. & Sallie C.
VanBurkalow Willie Wheatley DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.1-25-1861 - d.11-27-1863 Sec.4; s/o Wm.W. & Sallie C.
VanBurkalow William J. "Billie" DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. b.1-11-1873 - d.5-16-1879 Sec.4; s/o W.W. & Sallie C. 2nd ref: b.Jan.14, 1872
Van Burkalow Elizabeth DE KENT Camden I.O.O.F. "1838 - 1911" Sec.5;
VanBurkalow Caleb S. DE KENT Barratts Chapel b.2-16-1864 - d.8-26-1917 Sec.5; h/o Mame S.
VanBurkalow Mame S. DE KENT Barratts Chapel b.2-28-1865 - d.6-8-1916 Sec.5; w/o Caleb S.,Sr.
VanBurkalow Caleb S.,Jr. DE KENT Barratts Chapel b.1898 - d.1974 Sec.5; s/o Caleb S.,Sr.
VanBurkalow Emily D. DE KENT Barratts Chapel b.1892 - d.1964 Sec.5; w/o Caleb S.,Jr.


HARDIN COUNTY Cemeteries w/Burklows

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Burklow Loy IL HARDIN Holbrook/DeWeese no dates Monroe Twp. s/o Charley
Burklow Charley IL HARDIN Holbrook/DeWeese d.Oct.17th,1940 68y,2m,27d, s/o John
Burklow Samuel T. IL HARDIN Holbrook/DeWeese "1875-1956" b.Aug.1876,s/o John & Martha
Burklow Arza O. IL HARDIN Central Cem. d.Apr.5,1968 b.Feb.29,1900,s/o Charles
Burklow Cloe D. IL HARDIN Central Cem. d.Mar.1986(SSDI) b.Jun.17,1902. 2nd w/o Arza.
Burklow Otto IL HARDIN Hobbs Cem.#1 d.Apr.19,1956 b.Mar.14,1891,s/o James
Burklow Robert IL HARDIN Hobbs Cem.#1 d.Jul.3,1952 b.Jun.14,1880,s/o James
Burklow James IL HARDIN Hobbs Cem.#1 d.Nov.22,1942 b.Aug.29,1853,s/o John
Burklow Sarah Jane IL HARDIN Hobbs #1 d.Apr.22,1936 b.Apr.7,1860. Wife of James
Burklow W.H. IL HARDIN Old Liberty d.Aug.18,1921 b.Sep.2,1861,s/o John W. & C.B.
Burklow Verona IL HARDIN Cave Hill "1912-1929" d/o Grover
Burklow Arza IL HARDIN Cave Hill "1898-1945" s/o Wm. & Sarah
Burklow Andrew "Jack" IL HARDIN Cave Hill "1886-1977" s/o James & Sarah
Burklow Anna L. IL HARDIN Cave Hill "1892-1920" w/o A.J. (9/4/1893-5/19/1920)
Burklow George Raymond IL HARDIN Cave Hill d.Jun.18,1969 b.Dec.4,1895. Okerson add.
Burklow John IL HARDIN Adams no dates
Burklow Dora IL HARDIN Adams d.Jul.5,1958 b.Mar.1877. Age- 81y,4mos.
Burklow Louis R. IL HARDIN Adams Dec.7,1955 b.Feb.21,1895,s/o Chas. & Dora
Burklow Maggie L. IL HARDIN Adams b.Nov.9,1904. w/o Louis

SALINE COUNTY Cemeteries w/Burklows

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Burklow Bobby IL SALINE Big Ridge d.3 Feb 1925 b.7 Jan 1925. s/o Simon
Burklow Hattie C. IL SALINE Big Ridge "1881-1958" b.Aug 1882. w/o Ezra
Burklow Ezra H. IL SALINE Big Ridge "1880-1954" b.Mar.1879,s/o Samuel U.
Burklow Wm. C. IL SALINE Wolf Creek d.17 Aug 1976 b.27 Feb 1901. Row 22. s/o Elias
Burklow Effie A. IL SALINE Wolf Creek d.12 Nov 1998 b.14 Aug 1906. w/o Wm. C.
Burklow Betty IL SALINE Cottage Grove "1928"
Burklow Clifford IL SALINE Cottage Grove d.2 Aug 1963 b.21 Feb 1905, s/o Eddie & Sallie
Burklow Eddie IL SALINE Cottage Grove "1869-1942" b.Aug.1869,s/o Samuel U.
Burklow Sallie IL SALINE Cottage Grove "1878-1949" b.Jan 1878. w/o Eddie
Burklow Bobby IL SALINE Sunset Lawn "B & D 1925" Lot#188,Grove#3,s/o Simon
Burklow Carrie E. IL SALINE Sunset Lawn "1890-1932" b.11 Mar 1889. 1st w/o Simon
Burklow Simon IL SALINE Sunset Lawn "1886-1966" b.29 Oct 1886,s/o Samuel U.
Burklow Edna IL SALINE Sunset Lawn "1897-1977" b.9 Jan 1897. 2nd w/o Simon
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