Burklow Land & Property - 1

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the recorded deed, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred or current spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.


Year Lastname Firstname ST County Lastname Firstname Bk. Page/s
1698 Vanburkeloo Harmen DE New Castle from Sluyter Petrus,als Vorsman 1-G 498
1698 Vanburkeloo Harmen,Junr. DE New Castle from Van Burkeloe Harmen 1-G 499
1740 Vanburkeloe Harmen DE New Castle from Gano Lewis & wf. N-1 214
1742 Vanburckeloe Harmen DE Kent from Durrum Daniel M 183
1743 VanBurkeloe Harmen DE Kent to Hall Absalom M 225
1765 VanBurkeloe Peter DE Kent from Hardius Adm.'r R 11
1768 Burkloe Peter,et.ux DE Kent to Burrows Thomas A 253-55
1784 VanBurkaloe Peter,et.ux DE Kent to Revele John X 108
1786 Vanburkleo Sarah DE Kent from Louber Daniel G 155
1799 Burcalow John DE Kent from Hamilton Alexander,uxr F-2d 231
1803 Vanburkloe Sarah DE Kent from Latchem Isaiah H 39,40
1803 VanBurkeloe Peter,et.ux DE Kent to Cooper Thomas H-2d 39
1808 Vanburcalow John DE Kent from Lewis David & wf. L 22
1818 Vanburkleo Samuel DE Kent from Kerbin James & wf. S 351
1820 VanBurklow Sam'l DE Kent to Shockley Joshua B. S-2d 343
1824 VanBurkalow Wm.,et.ux DE Kent to Wallace William X 151
1827 Van Burkelow John DE New Castle from Hickman Nathaniel E-4 355
1829 Van burklow Samuel DE Kent from Clarke Nehemiah,Shrff B-3d 165
1831 Vanburkalow John & wf. DE New Castle to Farmers Bank State of DE H-3 414
1834 Van Burklow Patience DE New Castle to Reed George S-4 397
1835 VanBurkalow ------ DE Kent to Gooden John K-3d 49
1844 Vanburkeloo Patience,et.al DE New Castle to Holcomb Chauncey P. H-6 502
1844 Van Burkalow Samuel DE Kent to Sipple & Pinnewell S-3 131
1844 Van Burkalow Saml & others DE Kent to Hensley Amos,Sr. T-3 17
1849 VanBurkalow William DE Kent to Farmer's Bank Y-3 67

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