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Barkuloo Reunion May 28,2006 Barklow Reunion July 16,2006 Dave Bartlow's Stroke-2007

Greetings Cousins! Welcome to another variation among the attempts to create magnet sites for family connections.

There have been, for more than a century, various summer picnics or gatherings labelled family reunions, organized for the purpose and expectation of reuniting large extended families. The enjoyment and connective value of recurring family get-togethers has, in some cases, becomes a summertime ritual.

It is my belief it is no accident these family gatherings have become memorable annual summer events for many of us. Having attended Barklow Reunions for 30 years, I can clearly appreciate the respect, comraderie and familial bonding these gatherings can produce. Sign the guestbooks, take lots of photos, perhaps some we can display online, and show your hosts how much you appreciate the time, effort, and expense required to stage these great family events.

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