Barkalow Cemetery Records -5

A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the tombstone, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.


Headstone transcriptions from the Maplewood Cemetery, Freehold, Monmouth Co.,NJ.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barkalow Albert W. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Mar.18,1895- d.Dec.18,1978 s/o Richard "Forman"
Barkalow Cornelius B. NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1876 - 1932 s/o Cornelius M.
Barkalow Cornelius M. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Apr.30,1839-d.Jun.2,1898 s/o Matthias C.
Barkalow Eleanor NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Apr.2,1804 - d.Apr.1,1885 w/o Henry
Barkalow Deborah NJ Monmouth Maplewood no readable w/o Cornelius M.
Barkalow Emma E. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Nov.17,1844 - d.Aug.2,1922 w/o Wicoff
Barkalow Harry V. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Apr.24,1895 - d.Jun.1,1967 s/o J. Daniel
Barkalow Helen NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1892-1898 d/o J. Daniel
Barkalow Henry NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Sept.24,1803-d.Sept.28,1862 s/o Cornelius D.
Barkalow Henry H. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Nov.5,1879-d.Mar.28,1904 s/o Cornelius M.
Barkalow J.Daniel NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1867-1951 s/o Wicoff
Barkalow James E. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Jun.1,1833-d.Jan.3,1913 s/o Derrick C.
Barkalow John C. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Feb.16,1820-d.Jun.28,1892 s/o Cornelius S.
Barkalow John V. NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1860-1928 s/o James J.
Barkalow Lillie NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1870-1954 w/o J. Daniel
Barkalow Mabel Stout NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1904-1926 w/o Walter R.
Barkalow Mary Irwin NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Apr.5,1823-d.Oct.2,1917 w/o John C.
Barkalow Mary A. NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1876-1950 w/o Cornelius B.
Barkalow Ruth L. Luker NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1892-1987 w/o W. Harvey
Barkalow W.Harvey NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Dec.5,1890-d.Nov.8,1879 s/o J. Daniel
Barkalow Walter R. NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1897-1938 s/o J. Daniel
Barkalow Wicoff NJ Monmouth Maplewood 1839-1922 s/o Wyckoff
Barkalow William C. NJ Monmouth Maplewood b.Nov.2,1845-d.Dec.9,1923 s/o John C.

Headstone transcriptions from Miscellaneous Monmouth County Cemeteries

Lastname Firstname ST Township Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barkalow George NJ Neptune Hamilton 1902 - 1972 s/o Asbury C. & Ida
Barkalow Mildred NJ Neptune Hamilton 1904 - 1994 w/o George
Barkalow John D. NJ Freehold Freehold Bapt.B.G. d.Dec.31,1876 s/o Derrick
Barkalow William S. NJ Freehold Freehold Bapt.B.G. b.Dec.19,1771-d.Aug.16,1849 s/o Stephen
Barkalow Lydia Parker NJ Freehold Freehold Bapt.B.G. b.Nov.26,1772-d.Oct.4,1834 w/o William S.
Barkalow Elizabeth NJ Freehold Freehold Bapt.B.G. d.Jan.11,1846 w/o John D.
Barkalow Edwin C. NJ Farmingdale Evergreen 1841 - 1920 s/o Job S.
Barkalow Cornelia B. NJ Farmingdale Evergreen 1845 - 1931 w/o Edwin C.
Barkalow Edwin V. NJ Farmingdale Evergreen b.Aug.21,1899-d.Oct.1981 s/o J. Daniel
Barkalow Viola S. NJ Farmingdale Evergreen b.Jul.20,1904-d.Mar.1975 w/o Edwin V.
Barkalow A. Clark NJ Ardena Ardena Bapt. 1875-1962 s/o George W.
Barkalow Ida NJ Ardena Ardena Bapt. 1876-1960 w/o Asbury C.
Barkalow Frank A. NJ Ardena Ardena Bapt. d.Aug.8,1868
Barkalow Mary Anne NJ Ardena Ardena Bapt. d.Aug.18,1871
Barkalow Richard NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1781-1828 s/o Stephen
Barkalow Margaret Low NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1790-1868 w/o Richard
Barkalow Alexander L. NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1815-1890 s/o Richard S.
Barkalow Marion Field NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1895-1961 w/o Alexander L.
Barkalow Alexander Low NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1891-1961 s/o William F.
Barkalow William F. NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1868-1936 s/o Alexander L.
Barkalow Euretta Irwin NJ Tennent Old Tennent 1870-1960 w/o William F.
Barkalow Reese Hagy NJ Tennent Old Tennent b.Jun.8,1897-d.Jun.6,1964 s/o William A.
Barkalow Derick NJ Allentown Allentown Presbyt. d.Nov.10,1803 s/o William
Barkalow Sarah NJ Allentown Allentown Presbyt. d.Jan.7,1799 w/o Derick
Barkalow Frank J. NJ Manasquan Atlantic View 1910-1987 s/o James "Elwood"
Barkalow Adelaide NJ Manasquan Atlantic View 1914-1976 w/o Frank
Barkalow Henry NJ Freehold St.Rose of Lima 1901-1964 s/o Henry H.
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