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Barricklow Probate - Pennsylvania


1802, Apr.21, Probate date.(Bk.1,Vol.I.,p.181). Will of Conrad Barricklow, of Dunbar Twp. Will dated, Apr.3,1802. Note- Family records list Conrad's deathdate as April 10th,1802, age 59.

Executors: Henry & John Barricklow, sons. Witnesses: Joshua Dickson, Matthew Gilchrist, Jesse Papmore. Beneficiaries: wife, Sarah, daughter, Nancy; sons, Daniel, Farrington, & John.

1829, Jul.18, Probate date.(Bk.1,Vol.II,p.1023). Will of Hendrick Barricklow, of Franklin Twp. Will dated, 27 Dec 1828. Note- Family records list Hendrick's deathdate as 17 Jun 1829, age 49.

Executors: Brother, Frederick Barricklow, and son, George Barricklow. Witnesses: Wm. Henry, Jacob Spence, John Foster. Beneficiaries: wife, Catharine; daughters, Ann McLaughlin, Lenah Foster; Fanny, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, Betsey; sons, George, Henry, Frederick, Daniel. Brother- Frederick Barricklow.

1830, Feb.9, Probate date.(Bk.1,Vol.II,p.1052). Will of Ann Minor, of Union Twp., widow of Samuel. Will dated, Jan. 1830. Note- Ann died 6 Feb 1830.

Executors: daughter, Amy Baricklow, Alexander Clear. Witnesses: Alexander Clear, Daniel Rogers. Beneficiaries: daughters, Amy Barkalow, Granddaughter- Charity Clement.

1832, Aug.25, Probate date.(Bk.1,Vol.II,p.1155). Will of William Grier, Fayette County. Will dated, 8 Jul. 1830.

Executors: brother-in-law, George Barkelow. Witnesses: John Morrison, Thomas Larrimer. Beneficiaries: wife, Mary Jane; children: Thomas A. Grier, and Eliza Jane Grier. Brother- Thomas Grier,Jr.

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