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The spelling here will most likely represent that taken from a film image of the original recorded deed, or from a well-known compilation of the same. It may not represent the current or preferred spelling by descendants of the individuals listed herein.

Hunterdon Co.,NJ., Early Deeds

1717,Nov.29, George Willocks and wife, of Perth Amboy,Gent., deed of John Van Noice,q.v., of Flatbush,Kings Co.,NY.,500 acres on North side of Hollands Brook in Hunterdon Co.,NJ., part of a larger tract, and bounded East by a tract of 1400 acres sold by grantors on Nov.27,1717 to Samuel Groendyck, Anthony Holshart, William Barkalow, and Abraham Lott.(LJD. BS:417)

NOTE- The William Barkalow named herein is the same William Barkeloo(c1666-p1738) of New Utrecht, Kings Co.,NY., who claimed 300-acres of the aforementioned 1400-acre tract as of Dec.1,1719, but apparently never occupied it. William's son, Jacques(James) Barkelow(c1698-1780), took possession of those 300-acres circa 1728 and occupied it for about 20 years. It's actual location is just west of the small airport at Readington,NJ. In about 1748, James Barkelow dropped his membership in the Readington DR Church and moved his family to Lower Bethlehem Township(became Kingwood Township in 1750), about twenty miles to the west. He was one of three original trustees of the Kingwood Presbyterian Church.

Jacques(James) Barkelow(c1698-1780) is the progenitor of all Bartlow branch lines born in the U.S. before 1840. James' brother, Harmanus Barkeloo(c1705-c1753), of New Utrecht, Kings Co.,NY., is the progenitor of all Barkuloo and Barkeloo branch lines in the U.S. Consequently, due to them having the same parent, this document extraction will also appear among Barkuloo deed records.

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