Barkalow: Marriages, Deaths, & Other Tidbits from Old Newspapers

NOTE- The following obits were extracted by D.E. Bartlow in 1988 at SLC from FHC film #1298675. The original extraction and transcription on film was by Anne Pette Miles. Obits of non-Barkalows may be abridged, and may include only daughters or relatives listed who married Barkalows.

Obits & Death Notices: Monmouth[NJ] Inquirer, 1884-1888,

DEATH: Mrs. Nellie Barkalow, died at home of son J.J. Barkalow of Freehold, 3/25/1885, at 82 years. Born Freehold Twp., nee Erickson, widow of Henry.

DEATH: Mrs. Abie Strickland, widow of Barkalow, of Jackson Mills, died 8/22/1887 at about 72 years, mother of Reverend Corbett.

Obits & Death Notices: Freehold[NJ] Transcript,(Jan.1,1898-Aug.25,1901)

DEATH: Cornelius M. Barkalow, died 6/2/1898, at 60 years, of Freehold. Married Deborah Chambers- Ten children(5 living): Mrs. James Hampton, Jamesburg; William A., Cornelius B., and Henry H., of Freehold, and Jeffrey, of Camden.

DEATH: Mrs. Elizabeth Barkalow,died 10/2/1898, at 69 yrs., of Lokerson's Corner, widow of James. Leaves one daughter, Mrs. Eunice Hulse of Lokerson's Corner. Buried Bethesda.

DEATH: Alice M. Barcalow, wife of James B., of near Imlaystown, died 11/7/1898, at 50 yrs., nee Stout. Leaves husband, son and daughter. Buried Allen Presbyterian.

DEATH: Mrs. Susan E. Barkalow, died 2/11/1899 at 86 yrs., Eatontown.

DEATH: Mrs. David Wyckoff, of near Middletown, died 3/29/1899. Daughter of William Irwin. Sisters: Mrs. W.F. Barkalow and Mrs. Raoul de la Reussille of Freehold. Leaves husband and two small children.

DEATH: Mrs. Contentia Gardiner, widow of Calvin, died at home of daughter, Mrs. Hugh N. Barkalow, of Stillwell's Corner, 7/15/1899, at 87 yrs. Leaves children: Calvin, of Greenville; Joseph, near Georgia; Mrs. Elizabeth Golden, Colts Neck; Mrs. Amanda Rose, of Harmony; Mrs. Deborah Fogarty, of Lakewood; Mrs. Louisa Hankinson, of Ocean Grove; and Mrs. Lucinda Barkalow. Buried Maplewood.

DEATH: Mrs. Sarah Conover Osborn, widow of Charles, died 5/16/1900 at 75 yrs., of Manasquan. Daughter of Rev. Matthias Barkalow. Children: Mrs. Elihu Howland; Mrs. Clarence B. Poland; and Miss Ada, all of Manasquan; Mrs. A. Ryland Solomon of Freehold, and, Mrs. Theodore W. Brewer, of Ocean Grove. Buried Atlantic View.

DEATH: Mrs. Lydia Matthews, widow of Cornelius G. of Freehold, died 7/29/1900 at 72-11-2. Daughter of Peter D. and Abigail Barkalow, born Freehold Twp. Husband died about three years ago. Two children: Charles L., of Smithburg; and Miss Abbie, of Kansas City. Five granchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Buried Bethesda.

DEATH: George W. Barkalow, of Turkey, died 8/7/1900 at 65 yrs. Son of Matthias M. and Elizabeth Barkalow. Married 1st Marianna Hulshart, who died about 35 yrs. ago, leaving one son, Clark, of Turkey. Brothers and sisters: Garret, of Bradley Beach; Mrs. Matthias Barkalow, of near Turkey; Mrs. James Errickson, of Freehold; Mrs. Samuel Markle, of Mount Mills. Buried Bethesda.

Obits & Death Notices: Freehold[NJ] Transcript,(Aug.26,1901-Dec.31,1905)

DEATH: Mrs. Abraham N.(Grace B.) Sherman, of Long Beach, died 2/15/1902, at 74 yrs. Daughter of Anthony B. and Sarah Irvin of Holmdel Twp. Married 1853, she leaves husband and two children. Also a sister, Mrs. Mary(Irvin) Barkalow, of Colts Neck.

DEATH: Mrs. Clark(Eliza) Barkalow, died 4/9/1902 at 25 yrs. at Adelphia. Daughter of David Patterson.

DEATH: Mrs. Mary E. Barkalow, died 6/29/1902, at 64 yrs., Stillwell's Corner.

DEATH: William C. Irwin, of Middletown, died 12/20/1902, at 61 yrs. Born Holmdel Twp., son of Thomas. Widow, nee Johnson. Five children: Mrs. Wm. Barkalow, among them.

DEATH: Mrs. Eleanor[Clayton] Davison, of Jerseyville, died 3/5/1903, at 61 yrs. Husband is John E. [Step-]Daughter of C.C. Barkalow, of Adelphia. Son, Harry. Daughters: Mrs. C.E. Vanderveer; and Mrs. A.G. Foley. Buried Adelphia.

DEATH: Cornelius C. Barkalow, of Adelphia, died 2/23/1904, at 91 yrs. Married 1st) Catherine Errickson, md. 2nd) Mrs. Angeletta Clayton. Wife, and two sons: Silas B., of Jackson,Mich., and John E., Tonkinsville,S.I. Oldest son of Capt. Cornelius of Co.A., 14 NJ Vols., dec'd. Buried Adelphia.

DEATH: Henry H. Barkalow, son of Deborah W. and late Cornelius M., died 3/28/1904, at 25 yrs., of Freehold. Wife and three children, mother & brothers and sisters: William and Cornelius, of Freehold; Jeff, of Philadelphia; Mrs. James Hampton, of Jamesburg. Buried Maplewood.

DEATH: Enoch Hendrickson, of Upper Freehold, died 4/4/1904. Son of Samuel. Born Red Valley, 10/5/1820, md. 10/21/1861, Josephine, daughter of Daniel and Mary Barkalow. Children: Daniel, of Imlaystown; William, of NYC; sister, Mrs. Lavenia Taylor, of Asbury Park. Buried Presbyterian.

DEATH: Mrs. Charles Pierce, of Camden, died 4/25/1904, at 68 yrs. Sister, Mrs. J.J.[Roxanna] Barkalow, and half-brother, Calvin Garrett, both of Freehold. Buried Camden.

DEATH: Job T. Barkalow, of Adelphia, died 6/24/1904 at 82-8-8. Son of Cornelius. Mother was a Throckmorton. Two sons, Charles and Cornelius, and one brother, Eliphalet R., of Adelphia. Buried Bethesda.

DEATH: William Baggitt,Sr., of Freehold, died 9/23/1904 at 60 yrs. Born England. Married 9/7/1865, Ellen Coughlin of Millhurst. Eight of ten children living. (Daughter, Mrs. Nellie Barkalow).

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