Barkalow Census - 1860 - Part A

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census itself and may not represent the major branch spelling, the anticipated or current spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

The 1860 census did not record "relationships" for household occupants, something I can provide from my research and additional data from the actual census, upon request.

NEW YORK - 1860
Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Township Pg. Occup/Value Wife/Children/Comments
Barkalow Gideon H. m 47 NY Hamilton Hope 045 Laborer, 300/445 Betsey,39; Emily,13; Edwin S.,8; Lucina,6; Cornelius,1, all b.NY.
Barkalow Lefortson m 73 NJ Hamilton Hope 045 none, 1000/395 Elsa,66,RI.
Burkelow Nathan m 45 NY Saratoga Edinburgh 197 Farmer, /--- Enum.w/Sally Hewitt,77,CT;
Barclo Samuel m 30 NY Steuben Canisteo 221 Farmer, 1200/313 Myraette,38,NY.
Barclo David m 82 NJ Steuben Canisteo 221 none, --- Mary,77,NJ.
Barclo William m 36 NY Steuben Canisteo 221 Farming, 820/130 Sarah,26,NY; Stephen,5,NY; Wm.,3,NY.
Burcalow Derrick m 62 NJ Fulton Northampton 514 Farm Labor, 200/50 Hannah,63,NY; Mabel,21,NY; Jay,25; Hannah M.,24,NY.
Burcalo Betsey f 55 NJ Fulton Northampton 517 no occup., 200/50 Jane,67,NY; Mary,32,NY.

Lastname Firstname Sex Age POB County Township Pg. Occup/Value Wife/Children/Comments
Barkalow Derrick J. m 38 NJ Monmouth Freehold 113 Farm Labor, 500/100 Mary,34,NJ; Catharine,8,NJ.
Barkallow James m 36 NJ Monmouth Freehold 113 Farmer, 9000/9000 Eliz.,30,NJ; Eunice,65; Eunice,4; Job,38; Mary,33; Emma,3; Chas.1; Cornelius,29, all b. NJ.
Barkalow Eliphalet m 26 NJ Monmouth Freehold 123 Farmer, 1200/400 Elvinia,22,NJ; Wm.,2,NJ; Rebecca,1,NJ.
Barkalow Derrick C. m 52 NJ Monmouth Freehold 128 Farmer, 5000/500 Deborah,54,NJ; Cornelius C.D., 28; Henry,15; Susan,13; James, 27; Jane,22; Henry,56, all b.NJ.
Barkalow Wekoff m 21 NJ Monmouth Freehold 128 Farm Labor, Enum.w/fam. of James Stilwell, 49,NJ; Eliz.,48,NJ; Susan,6,NJ.
Barkalow John m 71 NJ Monmouth Freehold 128 Bapt. Clergy, Eliz.,30,NJ. Enum.w/fam. of Wm. B. Hulshart,27,NJ; Alice, 28,NJ; Gilbert,3,NJ; Eliz.,1,NJ.
Barkallow Peter m 66 NJ Monmouth Freehold 129 Farmer, 2500/200 Abigal,63,NJ; also Cornelius Mathews,35,NJ; Eliz.,35,NJ; Chas.,15,NJ; Abigal,7,NJ.
Barkalow Mathias J. m 26 NJ Monmouth Freehold 132 Day Labor, 600/100 Mary E.,20,NJ;
Barkalow Mathias m 49 NJ Monmouth Freehold 132 Day Labor, 300/100 Eliz.,40,NJ; Garret,18; Catharine,16; Rebecca,5; Ann,4m., all b.NJ.
Barkalow Thomas P. m 49 NJ Monmouth Freehold 144 Hotell Keeper, 34000/3000 Ann,49,NJ; Eliz.,20,NJ; Eleanor,17,NJ.,
Barkallow Margaret m 70 NJ Monmouth Freehold 170 Widow, Maria A.,50,NJ; Cornelia,44,NJ; Alexander,40,NJ, Farmer, 10000/3500; William, 36,NJ, Farmer, 10000/3500,
Barkalow Ellen m 56 NJ Monmouth Freehold 181 Widow, James J.,26,NJ, Carpenter; Roxanna,20,NJ.
Barkalow Edwin m 19 NJ Monmouth Howell 065 Att'd Schl, Enum.w/ fam. of Richard Corlies, 62,NJ,
Barkalow Cornelius C. m 47 NJ Monmouth Howell 086 Farmer, 5500/1235 Catharine.48,NJ; Silus,21,NJ; Cornelius,19,NJ; John,17,NJ. Also Kate Errickson,17,NJ,
Barkalow Job m 45 NJ Monmouth Wall 494 Farmer, 3500/700 Emeline,52,NY; Also Ester Corlies,78,NJ; Mattias Barkalow, 18,NJ.
Barkalow John J. m 50 NJ Monmouth Shrewsbury 630 Merchant, 3000 Susan E.,47,NJ; Sarah E.,23,NJ,
Barcklow William m 75 NJ Monmouth Up. Freehold 964 Farm Labor, --/75 Ann,70,NJ;
Baricklow Daniel m 47 NJ Monmouth Up. Freehold 972 Farmer, 9000/3500 Mary,46,NJ; Wm. H.,21; Josephene,20; Mary Ann,19; James,17; Cathrine,12; Sarah,9, all b.NJ.
Bariclow Jn. P. m 40 NJ Monmouth Atlantic 549 Farmer, 10000/1200 Mary,37,NJ; Wm. C.,15,NJ.
Barkalow Samuel m 60 NJ Ocean Jackson 077 Farmer, 2000/600 Rachael,48,NJ; Jane,7,NJ; Geo., 15, NJ.
Barkalow John m 25 NJ Ocean Dover 192 Farmer, --/300 Mary C.,22,NJ; Annie,2,NJ.
Barculo John m 40 NJ Ocean Forked River 279 Fisherman, 350/150 Martha,32,NJ; Albert,14; Samuel,12; Margrett,10; Joel,8; Clayton, all b.NJ.
Berklow Joseph m 44 NJ Burlington Cinnaminsin 968 Farmer, --/1500 Sarah,46,NJ; Amy,17; Elisha,16; Hannah, 14; Lydia, 14; John, 13; Jos.,11; Edward,9; Samuel,5, all B.NJ.,
Barcklow Samuel m 42 NJ Burlington Cinnaminsin 849 Farmer, --/1500 Sarah Ann,32,PA; Mary Barcalow, 65,NJ; Lydia Barcalow, 31,NJ.
Barkalow Amy f 66 NJ Burlington Northampton 544 no occup., widow Enum.w/fam. of Thos A. Heard, 54,PA; Caroline,39,NJ.
Barkalow Helen f 27 NJ Burlington Northampton 581 no occup., widow Enum.w/fam. of Arthur Jones, 39,NJ; Mary,34,NJ.

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