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A reminder: the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the tombstone, perhaps directly, or from someone's compilation. It does not necessarily represent the preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

Some OHIO Cemeteries w/Bartlows
Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Bartlow Willie A. OH Brown Bartlow 10-24-1873, 1-16-1876 (s/o Frances M. & Linnie M.)
Bartlow Charlie Lee OH Brown Bartlow d.2-10-1874, 3y 11m 14d (s/o F.M. & Melinda)
Bartlow F. M. OH Brown Bartlow 1845-1912 (s/o Isaac)
Bartlow Malenda M. OH Brown Bartlow 1846-1919 (w/o F.M.)
Bartlow Eleasabeth OH Brown Bartlow d.10-16-1840, 40y (2nd wife of Isaac)
Bartlow Julia Ann OH Brown Bartlow 1810-1903 (3rd wife of Isaac)
Bartlow Isaac OH Brown Bartlow 1778-1850 (s/o Cornelius)
Bartlow Melvina Folley OH Brown Bartlow 5-30-1830, 9-2-1897 wife James
Bartlow Henry OH Brown Bartlow 9-9-1853, 12-9-1853, 3m. (s/o James & Melvina)
Bartlow Henry OH Brown Bartlow d.9-4-1843, 21y 5m. (s/o Isaac & Eliz.)
Bartlow Louis H. OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 1867-1933 (s/o F.M. & Malinda)
Bartlow Cynthia OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 7 Aug 1822, 2 Apr 1904, 77y 7m 25d (w/o Isaac)
Bartlow Isaac OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 23 Nov 1817 - 4 Feb 1883, 65y 2m 11d (s/o Isaac)
Bartlow Elisebeth OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge d.23 Nov 1821, 41y 6m. (1st wife of Isaac,Sr.)
Mohn Lewis OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 7 Jun 1803 - 24 Jul 1883 h/o Eliz.(Bartlow) Mohn
Mohn Elizabeth OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 2 Aug 1809 - 12 Nov 1850 (w/o Lewis, nee Bartlow)
Kinney Joseph OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 7 Aug 1805 - 17 Apr 1872, 66y 8m 10d (h/o Lethe)
Kinney Lethe OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 20 Nov 1821 - 25 Jul 1909 (w/o Joseph, nee Bartlow)
Bartlow Katherine A. OH Brown Shinkle's Ridge 1914-1915 (d.7/22/15, inf.d/o Louis & Minnie?)
Bartlow Ann OH Clermont Felicity 1850-1925 (w/o L.F.)
Bartlow L. F. OH Clermont Felicity 1846-1921 ("Lafayette",s/o Isaac)
Bartlow Darius OH Clermont Mt. Zion Chapel b.18 Sep 1807, d.29 Apr 1889 b.KY.,(s/o Isaac)
Bartlow Evaline OH Clermont Mt. Zion Chapel b.5 May 1826 - no date (w/o Darius)
Bartlow John K. OH Clermont Mt. Zion Chapel d.18 Nov 1865, in 21st year (s/o Darius & Evaline)
Bartlow Ollie OH Clermont Wells b.22 Sep 1885, d.13 Jul 1905 (w/o Roy F.)
Bartlow Mary C. OH Clermont Wells b.14 Oct 1845, d.3 Apr 1903 (w/o Frank)(Tate Twp.)
Love Lillie Bartlow OH Clermont Mt.Pleasant b.19 Nov 1871, d.15 Aug 1950 (w/o Will Love)
Bartlow Margaret Howe OH Clermont Bethel Tate 1844-1935 (should read died "1884")(w/o Frank E.)
Bartlow Roy F. OH Clermont Bethel Tate d.20 Dec 1951, age- 71yrs. (s/o Frank & Mary)
Bartlow Alva OH Clermont Bethel/Bantom 1881-1943
Bartlow Anna OH Clermont Bethel/Bantom 1881- (w/o Alva)
Armacost Levi OH Clermont Laurel d.Oct.18,1872, 78y 9m 7d (h/o Sarah)
Armacost Sarah OH Clermont Laurel b.Jan 20,1802 - d. Jan 23,1843 (w/o Levi)(nee Bartlow)
Bartlow ---- OH Butler Darrtown 1846-1926 ("Mary E.",w/o Geo.K.)
Bartlow Almira OH Butler Scipio 1849-1911 (w/o James)
Bartlow James OH Butler Scipio 1847-1933 (death should read "1921")(s/o William H.)
Bartlow Bertin S. OH Butler Scipio 1869-1919 s/o J. & A.
Bartlow Anna C. OH Butler Scipio 1877-1923 d/o J. & A.
Bartlow Mary A. OH Butler Scipio 1817-1908 (w/o William H.)
Bartlow William H. OH Butler Scipio 1813-1887 (s/o James)


Campbell Co. Cemetery readings by D.E. Bartlow, Sept.1985. Vandals had, at the time, recently tipped over most stones at the Carthage Methodist Church Cemetery, just across the street from the church, which is on the south side. What is now online as Grandview Cemetery was thought to be the Flagg Springs Cem. on Smith Rd., near Mentor,KY, five blocks west of Hwy 8.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Bartlow Isaac KY Campbell Carthage Meth. d.3 May 1866, aged-73y 10 24d across street from Meth. Ch.
Bartlow Ruth KY Campbell Carthage Meth. d.10 Aug 1874, aged-73 yr. & 6 days w/o Isaac
Bartlow Albert R. KY Campbell Carthage Meth. Dec.28,1844 - Aug.12,1925 s/o Thomas & Evelyn
Bartlow Martha J. KY Campbell Carthage Meth. Oct.12,1852 - May 12,1916 wife of Albert
Bartlow William D. KY Campbell Carthage Meth. Jan.10,1910 - Jun.9,1960 Pfc,CMP,WWII
Bartlow Elizabeth KY Campbell Carthage Meth. 1869 - 1944 "Mother"
Bartlow J. Vernon KY Campbell Carthage Meth. 1906 - 1922 "Brother"
Bartlow E. M. KY Campbell Carthage Meth. 1872 - 1930 "Father". Edward, s/o Thos.T.
Bartlow Edward H. KY Campbell Carthage Meth. 1904 - 1973
Bartlow Allie J. KY Campbell Carthage Meth. 1903 - w/o Edward H.
Bartlow Richard KY Campbell Grandview 1911 -
Bartlow Alma KY Campbell Grandview 1910 - w/o Richard
Bartlow Frank KY Campbell Grandview 1863 - 1952 "Brother". James Franklin, s/o Thos.T.
Bartlow Fannie KY Campbell Grandview 1858 - 1947 "Sister". Francis C., d/o Thos.T.
Bartlow Thomas E. KY Campbell Grandview 1860 -1939 s/o Thomas T.(1814-1892)
Bartlow Annie KY Campbell Grandview b.Apr.2,1862 - d.July 8,1901 "wf. of T. F."
Bartlow Mary E. KY Campbell Grandview 1870 - 1942 nee Potts, w/o Thos.
Kinney Maria KY Campbell Grandview b.Mar.29,1916 - d.June 13,1894 nee Bartlow, wf of John(1814-1896)
Sprague Emma KY Campbell Grandview 1866 - 1963 nee Bartlow, wf. of Taylor(1859-1941)

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