Bartlow Cemetery Records - 2

A reminder the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the compiled cemetery record, perhaps directly from the headstone, or from the sextan's burial records or funeral home records. It does not necessarily represent the more current, common, or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.



Readings by D. E. Bartlow, August,1978, June,1981, and August,1985. SSDI has been checked for deaths after 1985. Footnotes are not necessarily inscriptions from the tombstones.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Bartlow Jacob PA Lycoming New Lairdsville d.July 3,1894, 81y 9m 25d s/o William(1784-1854)
Bartlow Nancy PA Lycoming New Lairdsville d.Mar. 16,1894, 89y 9m 15d nee Sherwood
Bartlow Albert PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1843 - 1915 s/o Jacob(1812-1894)
Bartlow Elmira PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1841 - 1915 nee Poust, w/o Albert
Bartlow Jacob B. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1862 - 1923 Franklin Twp.
Bartlow Ida A. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1868 - d. June 27,1959 w/o Jacob B.
Bartlow Ward PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1890 - 1955 s/o Jacob B.
Bartlow infant PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1919 - 1919 male
Bartlow George PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1839 - 1918 s/o Wm. & Margt.(Henry) Bartlow
Bartlow Harry Edward PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1888 - d.Nov.9,1954 s/o Jacob B.
Bartlow Sallie Elizabeth PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1889 - d.Jan.3,1980, 90y nee Diltz, w/Harry E.
Bartlow Walter S. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville Oct.21,1920 - Sep 14,1987, 66y s/o Harry E. & Sallie E.
Bartlow Harvey C. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1875 - 1957 s/o Albert & Elmira
Bartlow Rosa PA Lycoming New Lairdsville b.1876 - d. May 5,1955 nee Lowe, w/o Harvey C.
Bartlow Alice H. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1902 - 1918 d/o Harvey C.
Bartlow Lawrence S. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1904 - June 1923 s/o Harvey C.
Bartlow Russell P. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville b.1869 - d. Mar.24,1962, 92y s/o Albert & Elmira
Bartlow Annie H. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1883 - d.Feb.3,1954 w/o Russell P.
Bartlow Wilber A. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1910 - s/o Harvey J. & Susanna
Bartlow Mildred I. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1910 -
Bartlow Randolph F. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1919 - 1996[SSDI] Cpl.,WWII, s/o Harvey J.
Bartlow Dorothy M. PA Lycoming New Lairdsville 1919 - Oct.1954
Bartlow A. L. PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Jan.30,1863, 31y 3m 22d Alexander,s/o
Bartlow Mary Ann Reed PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Dec.12,1865, 28y 10m 16d w/o Alexander L.
Bartlow William PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Aug.6,1854, 70y 1m 14d s/o John & Eliz.(Dudbridge)
Bartlow Margaret PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Feb.3,1863, 74y 2m 1d nee Spangenberg,w/o William
Bartlow Eli J. PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Jan.20,1888, 15y 11m 12d s/o John & E.
Bartlow Infant PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.June 3,1851 s/o I & J.(Ira & Julia)
Bartlow Daniel C. PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Jan.30,1863, 1y 3m 22d s/o A.L. & E. A.
Bartlow James B. PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Mar.17,1877, 19y 2m 1d s/o A.L. & E. A.
Bartlow John A. PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Dec.16,1862, 7y 2m s/o A.L. & E. A.
Bartlow Mary E. PA Lycoming Old Lairdsville d.Jan.22,1855, 10m 19d s/o A.L. & E. A.
Bartlow Thomas H. PA Lycoming Franklin Bethel 1876 - 1936 s/o Joseph & Agnes
Bartlow Rosa E. PA Lycoming Franklin Bethel 1872 - 1971 w/o Thomas H.
Bartlow Annie M. PA Lycoming Franklin Bethel 1886 - 1971 w/o Ross D.
Bartlow Cleon E. PA Lycoming Franklin Bethel 1927 - s/o Ross & Annie
Bartlow Freeman C. PA Lycoming Franklin Bethel 1907 - 1930 s/o Albert & Susan
Bartlow Albert PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Jan.11,1866 - no date s/o William & Sarah
Bartlow Susan S. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Aug.13,1867 - d.Aug.28,1917 nee Robbins,w/o Albert
Bartlow Hattie I. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Mar.25,1893 - d.Jan.6,1901 d/o Albert & Susan
Bartlow William PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. d.Apr.15,1922 - 89y 10m 29d s/o William(1784-1854)
Bartlow Sarah J. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. d.Jan.27,1900 - 64y 9m 10d nee Kokensperger, w/o Wm.
Bartlow Charles N. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Mar.29,1861 - d.Nov.15,1923 62y 6m 16d s/o William & Sarah J.
Bartlow Russell W. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. 1911 - 1977 s/o Lowell
Bartlow Ira PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. d.Oct.15,1894 - 74y s/o William(1784-1854)
Bartlow Julia Ann PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. d.Aug.14,1888 - 70y 10m 11d nee Neufer, w/o Ira
Bartlow Horace H. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Mar.30,1858 - d.Feb.20,1930 s/o Ira & Julia
Bartlow Harriet Elizabeth PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Nov.23,1860 - d.Dec.13,1904 nee Palmer,w/o Horace H.
Bartlow Ross D. PA Lycoming Fairview Cem. b.Aug.8,1891 - d.May 2,1931 s/o Horace H.

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