Bartlow Cemetery Records - 6

A reminder the spelling here will most likely represent that taken from the compiled cemetery record, perhaps directly from the headstone, or from the sextan's burial records or funeral home records. It does not necessarily represent the more current, common, or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.


Compiled by D. E. Bartlow, July,1977 through 2003. "Data" represents actual B & D, not always what tombstone reads. Footnotes are not inscriptions.

Lastname Firstname ST County Cemetery Data Footnotes
Barklow Nathan E. OR Coos Bandon IOOF Jul 7,1868 - Feb 3,1948 s/o Samuel & Anne
Barklow Belle OR Coos Bandon IOOF Apr 9,1876 - May,1958 w/o Nathan E., nee Doak
Barklow Everett Leroy OR Coos Catching Creek Sept 21,1909 - May 10,1971 s/o Leander V. & Lucy
Barklow Harvey Leon OR Coos Myrtle Point Jul 20,1925 - Mar 15,1956 s/o Henry M. & Rutha
Barklow Henry Monroe OR Coos Myrtle Point Aug 12,1883 - Aug 9,1954 s/o John D. & Sarah
Barklow Rutha Z. OR Coos Myrtle Point Feb 10,1890 - Nov 6,1967 w/o Henry M., nee Minard
Barklow Forest H. OR Coos Myrtle Point Aug 21,1913 - Sep 4,1913 s/o Henry M. and Rutha
Barklow Lelia OR Coos Myrtle Point Jul 25,1902 - Sept 4,1902 Infant d/o Leander V.
Barklow Margaret F. OR Coos Myrtle Point Oct 1,1889 - Sept 10,1890 d/o Albert & Ora
Barklow Nancy OR Coos Myrtle Point Nov 10,1855 - Aug 11,1886 w/o Albert, nee Snyder
Barklow Robert Leroy OR Coos Myrtle Point Sep 22,1934 - Jul 14,1975 s/o Everett L. & Gladys
Barklow Patricia Jean OR Coos Myrtle Point Aug 24,1936 - Sep 19,1936 Infant d/o Everett L. & Gladys
Clinton Zelma Orda OR Coos Myrtle Point Feb 25,1917 - Apr 22,1940 w/o Edward, nee Barklow
Barklow Walter Ray OR Coos Ocean View Mem. May 30,1892 - Feb 22,1962 s/o James H. & Louisa
Barklow Maude O. OR Coos Ocean View Mem. Oct 7,1892 - Oct 9,1971 w/o Walter R., nee Butler
Barklow Ervin Earl OR Benton Crystal Lake Masonic Jun 27,1894 - Mar 4,1961 s/o James H. & Louisa
Sponogle Sarah OR Coos I.O.O.F. Old Pioneer Sep 26,1870 - Aug 16,1891 w/o J.D., nee Bartlow
Barklow John D. OR Douglas Camas Valley Mar 25,1870 - Dec 19,1930 s/o Samuel & Anne
Barklow Sarah C. OR Douglas Camas Valley Sept 5,1870 - Oct 10,1942 w/o John D., nee Noah
Holcomb Dorla Jean OR Douglas Ten-Mile Feb 17,1933 - Jul 29,1988 w/o Robert, nee Barklow
Barklow George W. OR Lane Rest Haven Mem. Park Dec 20,1877 - Mar 26,1933 s/o Thomas & Eliz.
Barklow Cora Snow OR Lane Rest Haven Mem. Park Mar 21,1881 - Apr 1,1959 w/o George W., nee Stevens
Murray Flora Ann OR Jackson Central Pt. IOOF Mar 8,1826 - Jun 5,1896 w/o James, nee Barklow. D/O Rev War Soldier
Murray James OR Jackson Central Pt. IOOF Dec 30,1819 - May 3,1885 h/o Flora Ann

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