BARTLOW Family Sheet Index:

Earliest Bartlow Branch Lines

Gen. 1
Jacques(James) Barkeloo (c1698-1780)
Generation 2
William Barkelow (c1727-p1791) Barent Barkelow (1730-c1800) Jacques(James) Barkelow,Jr. (1732-1796) Cornelius Barkelow (1736-1806)

Generation 3
Descendants of William Barkelow James Barkelow (1753-1834) William Barklow (c1755-1813) John Barkelow (c1756-p1830) Cornelius Bartlow (1760-1833)
Descendants of Barnet Barkelow James Barkelow (c1760-c1798) Barnet Barklow (c1762-1824) William Barklow (c1764-p1806) John Barklow (c1774-p1810) Absalom Barklow (1785-1842)
Descendants of James Barkelow,Jr. Benjamin Barkelow (c1760-c1807) Johnson Barkelow (c1762-1808) Edward Barkelow (1783-p1860) Benjamin Barklow (c1797-1866) Stout Barklow (1803-p1850)
Descendants of Cornelius Barkelow James Bartlow (1766-1854) Cornelius Barklow (c1770-1819) Isaac Bartlow (1778-1850)

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