Barricklow Census Records -1880 - B

A reminder: the spelling here will represent that taken from the census. It will not necessarily represent the current or preferred spelling by the individual, his family or his descendants.

Lastname Firstname Sx Age PoB County Township Pg. Occupation FaB MoB Spouse/Children/ or Enumerated with-
Baricklow Abraham m 36 PA Fayette Dunbar #1 140 Laborer PA PA wf.,Sophia,32,PA,PA,PA; ch: Alex,1,PA; Sarah,2m.(Mar),PA; bo-Samuel Work,21,PA.
Baricklow George m 75 PA Fayette Dunbar #1 140 Farmer PA PA wf,Amanda,66,PA,PA,PA.
Baricklow Albert m 24 PA Fayette Dunbar #1 140 Laborer PA PA wf,Emily,21,PA,PA,PA.
Baricklow John m 34 PA Fayette Dunbar #1 141 Farmer PA PA wf,Eliza,35,PA,PA,PA; ch: Ewing,14; Geo.,12;Harry,6, all b.PA. Also sil, Julia Morgan, 23,PA.
Barricklow Susan f 46 PA Fayette Dunbar #2 167 Kpg Hse PA PA widow. ch: Henry,18; Sarah, 15; Joseph, 11; Susan, 10, all b.PA.
Barricklow Henry m 70 PA Fayette Franklin 189 Farmer PA PA wf,Catharine,60,PA,PA,PA; ch: Smith R.,34; Sarah E., 32; Catharine,26, all b.PA.
Barricklow Isaac D. m 24 PA Fayette Franklin 189 Farmer PA PA wf,Mary,24,PA,PA,PA., & others.
Barklow Henry m 60 PA Fayette S. Union 406 Farmer PA PA wf,Catharine,38,PA,PA,PA; and Thos H. Grier, 47, PA,PA,PA.

OHIO - 1880
Lastname Firstname Sx Ag PoB County Township Pg. Occupation FaB MoB Spouse/Children/ or Enumerated with-
Barricklow George m 40 OH Harrison Athens 311 Farmer NK PA wf.,Ruth E.,42, OH, PA, PA; son- Richard P., 8,OH.
Bariclow Phebe f 67 OH Harrison Athens 314 Widow NY NY ch- Henry,32,Farmer; Joseph,25,Farmer, both OH,PA,OH.
Bariclow Rebecca J. f 40 OH Harrison Athens 315 widow OH PA mother- Margaret McFadden,65,OH,PA,PA.
Bariclow Watson R. m 41 OH Harrison Athens 315 Farmer PA MD wf.,Isabel A., 33, OH, OH, OH; ch: Jesse R., 12, OH; Mary E., 10,OH.
Barricklow John D. m 51 PA Harrison Cadiz 316 Farmer NJ PA wf.,Mary,36,OH,PA,OH; ch: Nancy E.,16; John A.,14; Maggie A.,12; Martha E.,10; Fred H.,7; Carrie G.,4; David,1, all b.OH.
Barricklow Henry m 47 PA Harrison Cadiz 338 Farmer NJ PA wf.,Mary,44,OH,PA,PA; bro.Alexander,45,OH; mother-Nancy,80, PA, IRE, NJ, widow; aunt,Susan Storpe,75, PA, IRE, NJ.
Barricklow Farrington m 63 OH Harrison Nottingham 457 Farmer NJ MD sis,Ann Cunningham,71, PA, NJ, MD, kpg house, widow.
Barricklow Emanuel m 33 PA Franklin Marion 205 Laborer PA PA wf.,Ann,24,PA,PA,PA; ch: Mary J.,4; Alexander,1; Melissa, 4mo. (Jan), all b.OH.

INDIANA - 1880
Lastname Firstname Sx Ag PoB County Township Pg. Occupation FaB MoB Spouse/Children/ or Enumerated with-
Baricklow A.J. m 54 IN Ohio Randolph 024 Farmer PA NH wf.,Nancey,53,IN,PA,IN; ch: Mary A.,21,IN. Also bl- Jos. Oglevee, 50, IN,PA,IN.
Baricklow Abram m 54 IN Ohio Randolph 025 Farmer PA ME wf.,Sharlott,48,IN,PA,PA; ch: Polly Ann,21; Selestein,17; Julia,12; Abbi,9, all b.IN. Also Lute Buchanan,18,IN,IN,IN.
Baricklow Daniel m 52 IN Ohio Randolph 025 Farmer PA PA wf.,Mary Ann,51, IN, NR, NR; ch: Mary,15,IN,
Baricklow Hiram m 28 IN Ohio Randolph 026 Farmer IN IN wf.,Eliz.,27,IN,IN,IN; ch: Albert J.,21,IN; Mary, 8mo. (Oct),IN. Also bo.,Allice Oglevee, 17, IN,IN,IN.
Baricklow John m 49 IN Ohio Randolph 026 Farmer PA NH wf.,Jane,39,IN,IRE,KY; ch: Chas.,19; John,17; James,11, all b.IN. Also, bo- Mary E. Oglevee, 19, IN,IN,IN.
Baricklow Mary f 74 NH Ohio Randolph 026 Kpg Hse NH NH bo.- Susan Oglevee, 22, IN,IN,IN.
Barricklow Hiram m 51 IN Ohio Union 059 Farmer PA NH wf.,Lizie,41,IN,VA,KY; ch: Wm.,18; Geo.G.,16; Annie,13, all b.IN. Also- dom., Margie Buchanan, 20,IN,IN,IN.
Barricklow Jack m 27 IN Ohio Union 059 Farmer IN IN wf.,Mary,21,IN,IN,NR; son- Harry,1,IN.
Barricklow John m 48 IN Dearborn Clay 083 Farmer PA ME wf.,Emeline,40,IN,OH,PA; ch: Ida,19; Content,17; Shorlotte,15; Jos.,13; Lavier,12; Mary,11; Abraham,9; Edward,8; Frank M.,6; Caraline,4; Judith, 3; (fem) not named, 1, all b. IN.
Barriclow H[Henry] m 75 PA Fountain Cain 086 Farmer NJ MD living alone
Barriclow Thomas m 32 IN Fountain Cain 088 Farmer PA KY wf,Ann E.,27,IN. sons- Luther E.,8,IN; John,3,IN.

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