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James William Burklow - Union Artillery
c. 1861
Burklow Cabin in Crittenden County Near Dycusburg, KY 
James Thomas Burklow and Maggie Young (Burklow)
c. 1953
James Thomas, Maggie and their Children
c. 1953
James Thomas, Maggie, their children & extended family
c. 1953
Virginia Burklow (Gibson)
    Duke Harrison and Lillian Glenmore Brunner (Burklow)
c. 1929
    Lillian Burklow and Sphar Burklow - Neon Kentucky
c. 1933
    Lillian Glenmore Bruner (Burklow)
c. 1950
    Sphar Thomas Burklow & Kizzie Virginia Roberts (Burklow)
c. 1951
    Duke Harrison Burklow, Jr. (and Tippy)  
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