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  Here you will find a collection of various documents. Over the years I have found bits andpieces of information that may not fit right in. However, they may fit into your family research. Until I formally postion these pieces into my reasearch, I have posted them here. Hopefully you can find something that fits into your family puzzle  
  Firstname Directory - When I forst started collecting information about the Burklow family I often find bits and pieces of records. This is a PDF document that list many partial records. They sometimes list a location, date, event or other information. To search the document, use the text search feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  Arthur Baralow Will. Filed in Kentucky 1802
  Listing of Kentucky Cemeteries with Burklows buried there with directions
  Overview of Burklow History in Crittenden Kentucky
  Summary of the Lubberdinck van Borculo trip from the family farm near Geestern , Netherlands to New Utrecht, NY
  Account of Harrison Burklow hanging in Illinois about 1888
  John Polhemus Barkalow, Warren County, Ohio
  Letter from Chaplain J. T. van Burkellow dated 1864
  T.A. Burkellow, Pennsylvania - 1800s
  The Barricklo family of Cross Roads, New Jersey
  Detailed written History of William Henry Harrison Bartlow
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