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This is a listing of the Burklow (and similars) reunions that I know of. If you would like yours listed here please contact me and I will be glad to list it.

September, 2013 - General Butler State Park, Carrollton, Kentucky

  • Entering its 28th year. The reunion is a campout from Friday through Sunday at General Butler State Park
  • Family potluck dinner about 6:00 p.m. on Saturday (you'll know it's dinner time because it will be raining)
  • Camp, stay at the lodge, nearby hotel or drop in for dinner
  • CONTACT: Tom Burklow - E-mail

2013 Bartlow Family Reunion
Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky
July 12-14; Location TBD
Mason County Kentucky


  • Holiday Inn Eastgate (4501 Eastgate) in Cincinnati on Wednesday night 7/10.
  • Plans are to tour the Augusta (Bracken County) KY area on Thursday 7/11
  • Maysville/Washington (Mason County) KY area on Friday 7/12
  • Saturday 7/13 (my birthday!) we’ll hit the areas pertaining to our family-Clermont and Brown Counties in Ohio. I figure all the family that’s coming will be there on Saturday.

We have a two room suite at the Holiday Inn. It also has a queen sleeper available if someone wants a cheap bunk. Not sure what they’d charge for an extra person or two but I’m sure cheaper than a full room. Let me know if interested.


August 2013 - Dixon, Kentucky (first Sunday of the month 12:00 p.m.)

  • Potluck lunch at the Dixon Community Center (down stairs)
  • CONTACT: Tom Burklow - E-mail
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