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Compiled and Written by Rocky L. Bartlow Great-great-grandson of William Henry Harrison Bartlow Meriden, Kansas September 2003 Rev November 2007 Rev & Addendum added September 2009


William endured another indignity beyond sickness as the muster records show on December 31 that he had been overpaid from July 18 to August 31. Evidently, he was not a 1st, but a 2nd Lieutenant still and the muster record once again shows him a 2nd Lt. He would later be granted his pension as 1st Lt effective January 11, 1863 even though further records will note he was promoted to 1st Lt in March, 1863 and signed an oath of allegiance on June 11, 1863.

Reorganization again! This time attached to the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 21st Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland. The army left on June 23 to begin the Tullahoma Campaign in Middle Tennessee and would occupy various places there until taking to the march once again on August 17, crossing the heights of the Cumberlands and the depths of the Tennessee River in their search of the Confederates around Chattanooga.

As mid-September rolled around, the regiment found themselves headed for a head-on collision with General James “Old Pete” Longstreet at Chickamauga Creek. (8) They opened the fight and “contested every inch of ground against overwhelming odds”. At the end of the battle, the army began a month and a half siege of Chattanooga culminating in the assault on Missionary Ridge on November 25. (9) November ended and December began in northern Georgia in such places as Orchard Knob, Ringgold, Tunnel Hill, and then pursued the Confederates to Greysville. They continued northeastward in relief of Knoxville and continued operations in eastern Tennessee for remainder of the year spending Christmas in the field for another year and three days later finding themselves in Charleston, almost back to Chattanooga.


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