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Compiled and Written by Rocky L. Bartlow Great-great-grandson of William Henry Harrison Bartlow Meriden, Kansas September 2003 Rev November 2007 Rev & Addendum added September 2009


He remained with what was left of the regiment around Nashville for the winter and into the spring of 1865. On February 14 he was promoted to the rank of Captain and signed the oath of office at said rank on March 6.

In April the war ended and by the end of May the wear and tear of war and camp life finally brought William to request 20 days leave to recuperate from the illness and, since he had not been home since October, 1861 (unless, on the trip to Columbus in the fall of 62, he made an unrecorded side trip home!), he felt he was owed some leave to attend to personal matters. He signed the request as Captain, Provost Guard Detachment, and it was approved by General Rosecrans.

(11) Chain of Command: 59th-LTC Granville A. Frambes (Capt Chas A Sheafe, Capt John L. Watson, Capt Robt H Higgins), 3rd Bgde-BG Samuel Beatty, 3rd Div-BG Thos J. Wood, 4th Army Corps-MG Oliver O Howard, Army of the Cumberland-MG Geo H Thomas, MG Wm T Sherman, commanding. Source: Union Order of Battle, Official Record.

By the time he returned to duty, things were winding down and many soldiers were mustered out. William stayed on until July 16, 1865 when he was mustered out as Captain, Company I, 59th Regiment, OVI, and his military career came to an end. But, life went on when he returned to his wife Sarah and, possibly for the first time, saw his new daughter, Anna Laura, now three years old. He added four more children (12) to the four he already had and his family continued west along with the expanding America to adventures both bitter and sweet. But that story is for another day. (see addendum).

(12) My Great-grandfather, George H Thomas Bartlow was born March 15, 1869 in Cowley County, Kansas, four years after the end of the war. He was the first child (and son) born after the war and, interestingly enough, carries the same name as the “Rock of Chickamauga”, General George H. Thomas. (RLB).

Author’s End Note

This narrative was intended not to be a great literary work but a simple way to make historical facts come to life. I love history because if one will ponder the facts long enough, the story of real people comes to life. William Bartlow was a real man, living in a real world, just as alive as you or I. He lived, loved, suffered, made good and bad decisions but was given the breath of life by the same God who gives life to all. He was my great-great-grandfather and I wrote this out of gratitude to my Savior, Jesus Christ, for the two great privileges: Growing up in the Bartlow family who taught me the real meaning of family and of whom I take great pride in belonging and, for being born in the greatest nation to ever grace the earth.

“The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage” Psalms 16.6

Rocky L. Bartlow September 4, 2003 Soli Deo Gloria Electronic


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